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What is Going on? How Do We Deal With This Mess?

What is Going on? How Do We Deal With This Mess?

It might just be time to give up!   Aren’t we at a point where we are “over it”?  Shouldn’t we come to that point of being over it?  How did it get so out-of-hand?    It is a game!  It is full of evil characters.    It is time to get back to the land and stop relying, needing or being dependent upon the machine.  

I don’t mean we have too concede or back down nor abide by the rules of the systems that are clamping us into submission. For anyone who has deeply looked into the trail and drama of what is going on (past the MSM streams of information), there is a “fed-up-ness” fog now happening.

It doesn’t matter what proof, what information, what truth is presented, the programs of many minds are etched into believing a lie.   You have either submitted, believed, trusted or questioned.  I question!   Regardless, it is a train-wreck!

I am not sure we can stop this train of disaster. It is a disaster. So, what do you do?

It is possible “hermitag-ing” and getting off grid will be the solution. At least if you are working at taking care of yourself and your own, the reliance on the system dissipates and could be irrelevant or not needed. Then, you don’t need them anymore and that could be the medicine required so they fall away and disappear.

I think Jim knew this was coming at some level.   He wasn’t happy about it.   He would spend hours researching.  He was looking for solutions.   I watched him get angry.  I embraced his anger because I got it.   I also worked hard to show him that maybe “what we were attempting to do” was a solution for the future of ourselves?   

It is all fuzzy now for me!   I do understand a lot of Jim’s anger.   I see it for the reality it is.  I always did but I desired Jim to have some optimism.   Both of us were very charged and capable individuals.   The obstacle for me, now, is I am alone continuing what we started together (so see Leisha taking apart small engines for repair…and see Leisha cursing and swearing because Jimi is not here).     But, I am having small, but long winded successes!

That sucks!

And, I am tired.  I am wondering wtf happened still.   I know where things are apparently going and I am doing my best to complete the tasks alone.    Oooooffff!

Well, you gotta love Polly…I do…Jim loved her too.   Have a listen!

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