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Twists of Times Past

When I arrived in Ecuador 10 years ago, I was a lost little soul. But, I had some tools. I had no clue why I came to this place…why I left every I knew and was jumped into a shit show of experience.   I had two suitcases, literally.    I was waking up, literally.   I always felt I had “smarts” or thought a different way to most..and that gave me an edge.   But, I was protected and somewhat innocent.   That is a good thing!

I am grateful to my parents.   There was no dysfunction in our family other than “me” in teenage-dome.   Respect was necessary, rules were laid…. and while we had our problems, we were a tight family.    I knew where I belonged.    My parents lifted us kids up many times and relocated.    By the time I was 10, I had lived all over and felt grounded even in the upheavals and changes.    Family was my anchor.    

When I arrived in Ecuador after all I was doing dismantled. I knew, somehow, it was just another step. But, I was alone.  My father gave his blessing although he was very, very, very concerned about me.   He did approve of my flight though.    But, the point I want to make is…. when I came here 10 years ago, I connected with certain people.   It is strange these people are still in the sphere of living and experience.  We came together, separated and came back.  Well, maybe not strange, just interesting. Some left and returned.  Some stayed and branched off.  And, there are things happening where we are reconnecting with deeper intention.

When we met, we were a tribe.   We literally all got out from different backgrounds and experience.  We sat in nature and around fires, we connected and shared and laughed.    We dreamed and cried together.    We connected and then we part.   We all experienced some heart-ache together.  We all saw the the turmoil around us.   

  Today,  and we connected, again.    in this time of conscious trouble, we are bonding in ways that I could never have imagined.    All I can say is “you know your tribe when you meet them and never assume that you know how it is all going to unravel!”  Some shit we can not make up!

Ten years ago when I made these connections, we all had different pathways bringing us together.   I remember the times when we sat and circled.  When we discussed and curdled.   We cried and laughed.  We bonded and broke.   Then we went our merry ways.   

Today, we seem to be coming together.  There is a return.  And, we are all locating and establishing ourselves on the same water way…river!     Strangely, it is in ways that I could never of imagined or guessed.  Is that flowing water attracting us or honing us? 

Jim came into my life and he, too, loved these people who meant much to me.   He had “bad shit” to say about a lot of people, but he didn’t to these characters.    I think he knew they were my tribe.    He got that we’d had experience out of the ordinary and that they were important and special.    It was also evident it was reciprocated too.  This tribe of characters liked Jim.   They made efforts to connect and love him.   Especially when he was near his time.   We muddled and fuddled our way together.   He saw I saw them!

What is happening today…well, I can’t totally reveal, but, I can say we are walking a path together again…many years later and after much anguish and sharing of our despondency to a world going crazy.

They know who they are…and I don’t need to reveal.  They are actually the type of people whom do not want to be revealed.   They are doing great things in their daily lives.    And, we are connecting!  I think for a greater good.  I know for the greater good.

When you cry your eyes out and reveal your inner child…when you feel it is okay to not be “right” or “wronged”..when you know the road you are on is difficult and potent….and you have moments when, somehow, it all makes sense…then you are with your tribe.

THERE IS PURPOSE…to this journey when you open to something different….interesting..scary…and purposeful!

Thank you… and the greatest thanks to Jim…I love you!

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