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Think…or at least Listen!

Think…or at least Listen!

I am not sure how long I can keep things under the radar. So, I will keep this brief. I keep copying my copy as if I don’t, this post disappears. Not sure what that is about. After every sentence I do a new copy.

One lady I have followed for years comes from my old stomping ground… or near. She is an amazing journalist (independent) and has really impacted my world view. She was shut down on Youtube but keeps plugging along doing what she is good at. Her name is Polly. I will share the link in the comments. She draws upon a lot of information and simply presents it. The latest video is in relation to Canada…but, watch as it has ramifications for us all. You are free to make up your own mind.

In the atmosphere of the collective concerns, we DO NOT have access to good information. For example, I have read and heard over and over that the shot is good and for our (collective) benefit and there are no side-effects reported. This is actually true…but the truth is in the words “reported”. There are doctors and scientist stating otherwise and they are silenced and muffled. In other words, if you try to find answers, the only answers “presented” are what they intend. Who is “they”? That is a huge question but it can be found if you follow those who have the biggest investments in the world corps (pharma, insurance, telecommunications and food systems) Unfortunately this also includes those who control the systems whether it be food, drugs, monetary, climate.

It is possible that a post like this will expose me and remove me from your view…..but my intent is good and I am getting a little fed up. What I will state from the bottom of my heart is “if you are disconnected from your true nature, you will get sucked up into this fear (weitko) and you will submit to something that is much more evil than you understand ….thinking “it is the right thing to do” There are so many arguments for both sides of the story. Each has merit…and I think most good people are just trying to do what is right. Be smart! Be awake! When you are giving information, check out “where it is coming from”. It is time to consider that it is all NOT as it seems. It is time to ask the difficult questions. It is time to realize the “fact checks” are only a tool to manipulate us. It might even be time to disconnect.

I have enough to do…and I am doing enough to make a little change where I am taking care of me…as God intended. This is not a religious or political is simply a concern for the reality we are all in.

I see a pattern and a time-line happening that started many years ago when the AMA was established by demolishing the science of homeopathy. I don’t think that was the beginning…just a chess move.

Just take a peek at Polly…and what she presents.

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