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The Cancer Protocol We Wanted to Do

The Cancer Protocol We Wanted to Do

We didn’t have a chance.    In my work, I have helped people create a protocol for their healing.  I realize I just provide the road map and they do the work.    It is very hard work when you are dealing with cancer.  It is not easy and it requires that a support system is there to help.   

Here I detail what we desired to do for Jimi and this aggressive cancer.    Cancer is not one disease.   It is a slew of conflicts gone wrong in the body.    Each person’s expression is different however, I believe with all my being we can overcome this it’s presentation in our bodies.     There is a huge attempt to hide and bury a lot of information from our knowledge.   The Gerson Therapy, the Budwig!    There are people in hiding due to their sharing of this information.    The medical community treats them like convicts and naysayers.    I will say that most people do not actually die from the cancers.   They pass due to other complications.    Jimi’s death certificate indicated Sepsis, Heart Failure and Bladder Cancer.   

I will continue to add to this article giving it more details and information.   

This is for others to have a “chance”.   

Jimi built me an Apothecary on our land to be the home to the garden medicines, my microscope and the tools I use to help others.  I will continue this work with a deeply appreciation for people looking for alternative and natural ways to heal.    Seeds Of Wellness

Cansema Tonic III

Fenbendazole Veterinary Vermifuge

Hydrazine Sulfate (some, not all, with cancer will actually die due to Cachexia – the wasting away of the cancer patient’s body.  Jimi was deep in this process.   We didn’t get this in time.  But, it was a plan.  Hydrazine sulfate is a chemical used in industry and as jet fuel.   For this reason, I really think it would have been amazing for Jimi

Iodine Protocol    I have linked and uploaded A PDF DOCUMENT that Jimi was very excited about when we realized the prostate issue last October, 2020.  If it wasn’t cancer, this would have worked.    I strongly encourage men read this document that reveals the truth about iodine and health.   Here is some more information about iodine and cancer

For Jimi we were beginning a full on green juicing protocol that contained celery, parsley, broccoli, purslane, crab grass, nettle, sweet potato leaves, apples (with seeds),  he was drinking strong Chaga tea (the king of fungus), He was also doing sublingual baking soda, iodine and taking Essiac herbs and local herbs such as Condurango.

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