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Suffering Is A Portal Door…For One and All

Suffering!   It is a portal to something that we can not grasp or understand but a portal to creation and rising up.     I do not understand it at all.  And, I do my best to make it all productive and pregnant with some intentional purpose.

Yesterday I sat here feeling frustrated in the act of searching for knowledge on the internet.   Pages upon pages or useless crap designed to deter me from my enquiries.   We are all being boozled and re-directed.   Jim created massive collections of pdf files and links.  I am utilizing and realizing gratitude.    The information highway has many stop lights and traffic lights to prevent you from understanding the truth.   

And, in this moment of frustration the earth moved.   Literally!  Terremoto!    In the same moment a hummingbird who normally loves the Bleeding Heart plant, came and darted in and out…hovered close and far.    I watch the chain of Clara hanging from it’s perch rock in the tremble of the earth.    It was a moment!  Was my earth moving or was this collective?   Collective is the game!

We are all in for a ride…a shit show.  We are in a ride, a shit show.    It is something no-one has a handle on or upon.   It is change. It is movement. It is bleeding hearts.   Unfortunately and truly,  it is only in suffering we get to rise above.     

I deeply feel we are in for a lot more…but, the rebels and the realists will find ways to re-connect by looking at the “whole” instead of the “hole”. The indigenous have been telling us for years…decades, centuries. Most did not listen or even care.

We can blend the science with the old natural ways to create a new way, a new understanding. I do feel it is time we all stepped up..but for those interested in preserving real natural ways, we step up and we step away.    It is time to be bold and, at the same time, be hidden (invisible). This is simply because the voices of nature are being silenced.     It is time to be ambiguous and take on the possibility of the future from the side-lines.

What excites me the most is this underground explosion of people, all over, are basically amatuer scientists with a spiritual driven force who know what they are doing is guided, somehow.   I have connected with many via the web and I grateful for this connection.  It helps me know I am not alone.   It is strange that this gaia of communication and information is a source of hope!   We are connected whether we realize it or not.

So, in this shadowed light, let’s decloak the pillars of modern society by being quiet, informed and determined. Let’s take the wisdom of nature and natural and deepen our enquiry as to how it all works and functions as a whole. Let’s dump that ridiculous “germ” theory and get the beneficials microbes thriving. In doing so, we thrive. We are connected and bound. I have met way too many people who are germophics and they are actually the “perfect particle” of precarious presumptions that exits in the shitty situation we find ourselves in. You see, they are afraid! They feel they need to protect. Where in the world does God lie in that fantasy?

I recently did a self study into the chemical warfare on farming land. I honestly can not see a difference to what is happening to human’s at this time.  It is connected.   And, I know we have solutions for those who have paid attention to the alchemies of life. Solutions, for me is always “plural”. There isn’t a single thing that can help us but there is a harmony in musical natural notes that requires we think bigger and wider. Let’s not extract…let’s blend. Let’s consider the whole.

I am grateful. So many people are sending information my way. I am connecting dots and doing what I can to see the bigger and brighter picture.

One thing I know is that we have to go through hell to find heaven.  As much as that “sucks” it is reality.

I don’t know why. I can’t explain that concept other than through my personal experience. I do question that anomaly of human growth. I really, really do not get it. But, I do see it is, apparently,  the way things work. My hope is that this “hell” we experience together is a momentary blip of consciousness and that it can be used to regenerate and revitalize. I do feel the chess game is at a crucible and we have the next move.

So, some questions to consider in our moves….

Is your hell any worse than your neighbors?
Can you see. feel, realize that it is a teacher?
Are you ready for the next level?
What gifts do you have to ignite the next move?

Can you make the next move?
Is your move changing you?
Do you want to change?
Can I persuade you into action?
Are you acting?
Maybe some don’t need to act…but be a presence that just lifts the whole!  Can you embrace that?

I am not perfect..and I have been in hell lately. And, I get this suffering we are going through as a whole is a teacher. In my broken and silly spanish today, I shared with a dear spanish friend that our situation might be worse than we know. I don’t want to name exactly what I tried to share because that puts me “out into the open”. But, he understood and I saw his eyes swell with tears.

We are in this together. We are not separate. Dump that attitude that we are culturally apart. Fuck, we are in this together.

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