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Soil Mysteries

Today’s scene is a little chaotic and troubling for most as our current affliction(s) are causing large doses of anguish.    This sharing, as most of my sharings, speaks between the lines (or under the soil).   I feel there is a need or a desire to health-up the foundations and get back to some common sense.   The common denominator is important. 

Our need to feel safe is very much a part of human nature.  Yet, here we are divided and conquered.    And, after all is said and done, no matter what your stance, we are all looking at mysteries.  Our need to understand the core of existence has become an anaerobic pile of trouble-full pathogens.    It is remarkable that we are asked to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others.   When did we forget oxygen is our life force?

I am not sure whether this post is going to be about soil, soul, covid or vaccines!?  I am not sure if I am speaking to the general masses or the one individual who is gathering information.  I am not sure I am sharing about science and data or about the mysteries that can never be explained.    What I do know is that somehow it is all connected and we need to get our shit together and figure this out, somehow!    

So, let me start!    We live in a world and with people of this world who are absolutes in requiring proof.  This has penetrated our existence.   We look at mysteries and require the data to prove.    Science is the god of reality right now.  I am not saying otherwise I just notice how important “science” is today.  I get science and I am intrigued.  I do feel it has its’ places.  Quantitative and qualitative observations are sisters from the different mothers.    It is strange because this science takes a front seat for many spiritual seekers too.   Sorry, maybe I should say “religious” seekers.   We do know, right, there is a difference?   

After completing the Soil Food Web Course, I really got that I “do not know” a lot.   The course was designed by a scientist who has been trained in the world of data and reporting.   It is important, very important.   It gives you credibility and a leg to stand on with the peers of the academic world.    And, science can and will lead you to spaces and places unknown.   It is a leg on the stool of rationality and an important tool.   And, then there is common sense.   That comes from our other observations and usually portrays itself in sight, sound, smell, touch and intuitive grounding.   It can not be contained as “real” but it is often very realized.    I feel this way about today’s front page news.  I feel this way about my aversion to believing a corrupt system has a purpose to “save” me.   I feel this way about the vaccines.   I feel science can fuck us up if we don’t ponder the mysteries of our existence.  Yes, not very scientific but still, it has merit, yes?

What is science trying to prove?   Well, maybe “prove” is a distant acronym for the space and place of “real” or “reality”.   We take the data and number-ize the knocked and collected the figures into formulas that enumerate the end results to show  a possibility with a set of figures that proves the variance of the means is in the percentile of the possibility.   It is run-on and on an running!    it is important, for sure, this data collection into the pile of reasonings.    And, then we need to balance this somehow with the mysteries.

For those who are not nerdish in recording data, I do feel it is quite important but not everything.  It is simply a part of the bigger picture.  I realize this as I refine my data collecting skills in observing the living life in the soil through a microscope (or blood) there is something much more mysterious going on.   There is a purpose to this counting mind and it needs to merge with deeper queries of life, existence.

My studies with the scientists course taught me basic skills in this art of numbers. I feel very grateful.  She, the founder of the course, Dr Elaine, asked over and over “what is your question and is your test going to lead you to the answer?”    The questions is the most important thing, really, as it determines the type of test you entertain.   Think about your questions right now!   I think everyone is asking “how can I be saved?”   Well, that is a little strong, in “how can I be safe?”    Soil to Soul!    

Let me simplify this!    The soils of our earth do contain ALL the nutritive value we require so that each of us is healthy, strong and immunized.    A grain of sand surprisingly contains enough to supply a large garden plot.  There it sits just waiting to be unlocked.   Seriously, this is real!

Now think about this!   We don’t need to add nutrition to our soil.  It is already there.    So, why do we add and fortify?    Most “amendments” whether organic or chemical are for this purpose.  In fact most tradition “soil tests” are for this purpose.  Is there enough calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and nitrogen?   Soil tests tell us and we amend.

What if this was bull shit!  What if all we are told is bull shit.  I have gone over this again and again.  I think it is time we considered there is a tonnnnnnnnne of bull shit out there presented to us.   As I said, consider if “it” ( our needs)is all there in a grain of sand… already….and it is not available?   

How do we make it available?

As above so below!    You grow the good guys!   Who are the good guys?   They are those microscopic animals who live with each other in a symbiotic harmony that eats, shits and recycles life.    Let me explain!     A plant reaches for the light of the sun and converts that energy through photosynthesis to carbon.   Plants love CO2!     It is there delicacy for production.   They will exchange it for oxygen.   They will create exudates in their root systems that it willingly bargains with bacteria and fungi for a return of it’s needs.  It’s language is through potential hydrogen.   Basically it tells the bacteria and fungi in the soil to go get me these particles from the periodic table and I will give you food (exudates).    The fungi and bacteria get excited and off they go transercing their realm to capture the requirements.   They find and return.    But, those particles are insoluble still.    Then appear the other group of beneficials; the nematodes, protozoa and amoebas.   They feast on the fungi and bacteria taking in super goodness.  And, they get too much.   Unlike with most humans, in nature when too much is received you return what is not required.     They shit.  They poop.  And that is the available nutrition that the plant asked for.   A cycle and a rotation of life and mystery that works.

Do you really understand this cycle and has science really presented data to show this?  Well, no, not really, because the laboratory tests do not answer the questions we are asking.    How do we understand this relationship of the web of life and present it so we can know, understand, learn and grow?  Well, there is a community of nature lovers who are using the microscope to observe data.  Observational for sure!   It is an investigation in the observation of the cycle of the microscopic world.

What fascinates me is the question of how this relates, the microscopic world and this crazy, beautiful information, to our macroscopic world.    You see, in the world of soil there are predators and pathogens.   Predators are good guys as their shit is good.   That is very simply and crudly explained but a reality in the nutrient cycling required so plants contain the beneficials us human’s so deeply need.   Pathogens are bad guys.   How do we control the bad guys?   Increase the good guys!   We don’t have to fight with anti this and thats.  We just get the good guy’s numbers increased.   How do we do that?   Compost created to grow the good guys!  And, yes, that compost often includes shit.

When I think about all this I wrap myself in a quandary of quiet questions.  It actually blows my mind.  Well, it elevates my mind to the mysteries of existence.    We could simplify the quandary to state shit is life in the macro and the micro worlds, but, that is simplification of the reality.   It is investigation, communication, observation and creation. It is not corporation (corp=corpse).    When I use the microscope to observe,   I am pondering existence.   

It seems the question today is “do I take the vaccine of not”.  This stands, even, for those who get some of the crap that is happening.  A perfect plan!    Do I live in this world and participate as an accepted part of the program or do I call bull shit and get out.   It is an anaerobic compost pile full of pathogens.   How do you rectify this situation?  In the world of soil, you increase the good guys and give them oxygen.  Funny how the masks prevent this! 

I am pondering existence!

Science is not a collection of truth presented in data.  Well, it is, but it shouldn’t be.   When we look at the world in our soil we are basically looking at a mystery.   And, shouldn’t we all be doing this with our own worlds?    What is a mystery?  Something that we can not explain.  We can still investigate.   What are we investigating?   A mystery!  What is a mystery?   Existence!   All science is is a ponder to numerate existence of the mystery.

(thank you Ale (my Living Ground Partner) for your photos)

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