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How the Club and Soil Food Web Are Connected

How the Club and Soil Food Web Are Connected

I love nature and I love gardens.  It is my passion.  It is what I presented to Jimi as the other whole-half so that we could create together.   He admired my work as I did his and together this is what made us rock together.  We fit perfectly in this regard.

Most of my life I have been rather eclectic in my expressions in the gardens.   I have never taken a study course choosing to learn and discover through experience and hands-on witness.    I am now over the 50 years mark and I know there has been over 10,000 hours of learning under my belt.  They say that is when you become a genius.     But, we have been lied too and the truth hidden under our feet.

The garden is the place I feel the greatest freedom.  My work is my contemplative and incursive prayer.   

About a year ago, dear friends of mine encouraged me to apply for a scholarship in Soil Microbiology at Dr Elaine Inghams, Soil Food Web.    I did and it was granted.    For the past year in between caring for Jimi and our land, I have embarked upon this study.  Jimi did so with me.   As I shared what I was learning (and unlearning) he was excited.  He was excited about the potential of this science to change things.  He was excited about me learning.  He was excited about how this could take our already gregariously growing land and lift it to amazing potential.   

As I slowly flipped the pages of the soil microbiology lessons, I realized that much of what I thought was good, organic and proper was wrong.   I have always been organic thinking it was the right path.  It seems it is another inoculation of lies meant so we do not truly understand our power and purpose.    Understanding food and nature is the most powerful trip we have in our hands to lead us towards sovereignty and self-sufficiency.   Even though we have many choices of organic foods and products, guess what?   They are not full of life or potential.   

As above, so below.  As below, so above.   Taking and learning this soil microbiology has become another step in Spiritual awakening for me.   So, I will be leaving behind the old knowledge and entering into this science that will make a difference in grand scales.  

So, how is this connected to Jimi and how is this project becoming a part of the Purple Carrot Club?    When we began the fundraising efforts for Jimi, two dear, old friends came back into our sphere.   These were the friends who encouraged me to apply for the scholarship.    We met Keisha and Casey here in Ecuador many years ago.  When Jimi and I got together, Keisha was a frantic and fantastic cheerleader for our union.    A couple of years ago, they began to study Soil Food Microbiology and their passion grew.   They currently reside in California working very closely with the School and their own business in helping others transform the soils, therefore the soul on (in) this plane.   

Keisha and Casey stepped up to assist with the fundraiser creating the base to help us get through the financial needs especially for Jimi’s surgery.    We linked the donations to my paypal account, one I have held for over 20 years.    The funds started to come in and rather fast.   Immediately, Paypal blocked my account.  I could receive money but not do anything with it.  The account was red flagged for investigation.   I was asked to provide information on my residence.   Shit!   It is a Canadian account at dot CA.   I had no way to prove I lived in Canada as I don’t and haven’t for 10 years.

So, the fundraiser was immediately realigned and recreated so the funds would go into Keisha and Casey’s paypal (a US account).   It was super crazy how many people stepped into our little world to help us.  Jimi cried every time I told him of the support.   Even people he wasn’t fond of donated.   This literally exploded his heart.   It was a very powerful experience for Jimi, and me.   People didn’t say “good luck”, they said “we are with you”.    There were love letters and prayers all around us too.   I update regularly so that those who supported us could be fully present to our journey.    The posts and updates can be viewed here.   

When the time came to pay the hospital bill, we needed the money fast.    Keisha told us not to worry she would make it happen.  It isn’t easy getting money into Ecuador, the system seems to want to follow each little morsel of money like a hungry, greedy beast.     Keisha had contact a mutual friend who works in the money sectors.  He suggested another man who does business in the US and Ecuador.    This man agreed to accept a US deposit and withdraw from his Ecuador account.    It just so happened this “man” was my last Live Blood Client.  During his intake a couple weeks before, I had mentioned my studies in the Soil Food Web.  He was intrigued and inspired. 

So, the money was literally delivered to the hospital the very next morning.   And, of course, I told this “man” who Keisha and Casey were…the force behind my studies.   A connection was made.    That led to a meeting about possibilities in Ecuador.  That led to amazing possible projects to change the soil of Ecuador.  That led to Jimi and I starting to create a Purple Carrot Club, Soil Food Web team, here, on the ground.   Keisha and Casey are returning to Ecuador soon and this team will embark upon a study of this micro system so that we can make a difference in our little country.  A project is on our agenda.  This work sells itself because it is nature, natural and works.   Most farmers and gardeners do not know this information (like me) and, of course, we have been fighting against a force of unknown blockage.   Now, I know!   

Of course I will be blogging about this, here, ALOT.   Jimi was excited.   I saw his enthusiasm and drive to get well, better and offer his gifts and talents to this project.    He knew the threads of synchronicity were weaving us into together.    It is sad he left but that gives me more umph to do this, get it right and be a force that changes the world. 

The Purple Carrot Club lives on!   Purple Carrot Club will become the home for this work in Ecuador.    As I shared, as above, so below…so below, as above.    The soil food web science shows that death of one aspect causes and creates life of another.    It is the secret and magic of healthy existences.   So, Jimi, in your death, I will create and make it a better, healthier place to be just as this web teaches us.

If you wish to know more, join the Club for updates.   If you are interested in supporting the Purple Carrot Club and it’s vision in the Soul of the Soil, join our mailing list.   I will be creating a section of this site dedicated to this knowledge and carrying forth the excitement Jimi held for this project.

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