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Sleep, Yes Sleep…Tea

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Irish Proverb. 2.

Sleep is supposed to be effortless.  I would like you to sleep, which does not happen for some!  Let’s enter into sleep, that silent, special act that should take us away from our waking worlds into waves a wandering forests, watery suns of otherness.   

 We are active all day and at the end we are supposed to lie down and sleep…effortlessly!  For many who can’t sleep, it is their mind that keeps them awake. Often for the sleepless, they tell themselves “oh, I usually can’t sleep anyway” or “ahh man, every time I drink coffee after 6 I can’t sleep” or as soon as you see your bed you think “great, another sleepless grumpy night, here I come…” Many of us even schedule our lives around having insomnia.    Sleep is precious!  We all need it!

We spend approximately 33% of our lives asleep and often don’t think about it until we can’t sleep.  Sleep as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and needs to operates, as do many things, in balance. Sleeping and wakefulness must complement one another: when one is compromised, so is the other. Contemporary science continues to debate why we sleep, and which bodily processes are promoted by rest, but the importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle has never been in doubt. Lack of sleep produces an array of consequences including higher stress, decreased concentration, and increased mistakes, to name a few.  Sleep isn’t just for returning your energy.  Sleep is a critical time for overall body healing, regulation, and restoration.

There is a degree of collapse in sleep takes place that somehow suspends very many body and mind functions; This collapse may allow the Spirit to be present to itself.  This enables our bodies to replenish, recover and perform better with adequate sleep. We look better, feel better and make better decisions. . But, sometime’s that’s easier said than done; especially during stressful times.  But, the damage from sleep deprivation is cumulative. Over a prolonged period of inadequate sleep,  conditions can become irreversible and dis-ease happens.  Very simply, when we’ve had a good, full night of sleep, we are higher beings.  It is perhaps one of the most important aspects of health.

FROM MY GARDEN I have created this tea blend to help my clients.  It is an alchemy of herbs that hold relaxation properties the sooth and center the mind, body and nervous system.   I have also added two very special herbs that were used by indigenous for dreaming medicine the Mexican Tarragon and the African Dreaming Plant).   Both of these special plants have been carefully and gently cared for over the last 2 years to bring them to harvest.    Below are the full ingredients rendered and compounded and made into a gelatin offering.    One tub is about 1 months worth of night time tea!    

Opening the sleep dreams and harnessing a deep sleep….my own personal results thus far….rejuvenation, clarity and peace!

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