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The Purple Carrot Club Seed Story

The Purple Carrot Club Seed Story

In January 2021, as the world was going crazy, Jimi was admitted into hospital in Loja, Ecuador.    He is not a man who would enter that “system” easily.   But, it was the beginning of the end….

I had been advising him for days that he needed emergency care.   That morning, I told him “I give you a life expectancy of 24 hours…either we go to the hospital or I will sit here with you as you journey to the other side”.  He hesitantly agreed with conditions – I wouldn’t leave him, I would pull him if he wanted to leave and I wouldn’t let him die in hospital.  I agreed and breathed a sigh of relief when he said “okay let’s go”.   I am not sure we did the right thing and there were so many decisions to be made where you wonder if you did the right thing.     From this point onwards all decisions were hard.  But, Jimi wanted to live so we walked a very difficult path together and kept our hopes up.

It was a trying experience to say the least.  It was December 26, 2020 when we entered the hospital and medical system that we both disdained.    I am a Naturopath and have successfully help many people…at least given them a path towards natural healing.    Jimi follows many alternative theories on health care and believed many cures are being hidden from us.  We both know that although the allopathic system is there to save lives on one hand, it also is a monster and an umbrella for much evil and death.    But, we had to enter.  Jim had a catheter that was blocked and only blood was being expelled.  This was beyond our capabilities.

Here in Ecuador, we have a public and private health care system.   We are money poor (and land rich as Jimi would say)   So, we first went the the free, public hospital.   During this corona covid craziness, I was not allow to enter that hospital even into the admissions room.  Jim went inside pushed by an armed guard alone, weak and fragile!   In admissions they issue bracelets indicating the seriousness of the patient.   Jimi was given a green bracelet that indicated “normal status” and given a 2 hour wait time.   I was watching him through the glass windows and saw a man that could barely sit or move.  His eyes pleading with my heart.  He was scared.

I bolted in to admissions and was blocked by the guard.   I resisted and yelled at him in English and got to Jimi’s wheel chair and pulled him and fast and furious through the doors.  The guard followed as did nurses.   They were yelling at me, but I ignored them.   I pushed Jim down the entrance road to the curb and hailed a taxi to get him to another private hospital fast.   Time was ticking.   The guards and nurses were stunned.  I just waved them goodbye.

We landed at Clinica Saint Augustin (private) and in less than an hour of our arrival, the doctors had completed a battery of tests.    They told us of two or more tumors in the prostate and bladder and also advised the surgery would be $4-5,000.    It was a shock to both of us.  We asked the doctors to give us sometime to decide what to do.    We either go back to the public hospital or figure out a way to raise the money NOW.   I immediately reached out to 4 friends (family)  who might be able to give us a loan.  Within 10 minutes we recieved positive responses from all and were able to give the green light to the doctors.

But, things went from bad, to worse to a disaster.  The next day, Jimi went into Acute Kidney Failure and there was a possibility of  Deep Vein Thrombosis in the right leg (extreme edema).    His Creatine levels were at 11 (normal is about 1).   This basically means urine is in the blood.   It was a critical time.  Surgery needed to be postponed as it was too risky.   The hospital bill was climbing ($3000 in three days and no surgery yet).   With the help of our friends, we initiated a fundraising campaign.    It was amazing to see and feel so much love, prayers and funds being gifted towards us. 

Jimi’s kidneys were not responding too well.   I sent hours massaging his legs that were swollen and red.   He had 6 dialysis treatments and the Creatine levels was declining,  However, in hindsight I realized the surgeons were concerned.   They decided to go ahead with surgery anyways.   It was risky, scary and very high energy.   

The morning of surgery I paced a million steps.  I prayed.  I cried.  I waited.   When they brought Jimi out of the surgery room (5 hours later) everyone, including Jimi was ecstatic.    I discovered the surgeons had premiered the first operation with the new, state of art laser machine that enabled them to rewire his kidney tubes.  Without this machine, chances are Jimi would have been on dialysis for the rest of his life. 

As for Jimi, he was wheeled into our post-operation room wide, wide awake and full of passion. When he saw me he was excited and full of what appeared to be a zest or zanny happiness.    He kept repeating to me about a “Q-factor” and our need to plant lotsa purple carrots.   He was adamant about the purple carrots…over and over he said “Leisha, we have to plant purple carrots”.    He told me they were special, were a magic and had helped us in another life-time.  We had returned to do it again.  We had learned how to harvest them at a particular time and manner and place them in a spinning container.   They were processed and became medicine from a radiation.    He told me this was our second chance as last time he messed up and left and we couldn’t complete the task.   I was his Mother.   He also talked about chalk being another secret ingredient as it absorbs.   He mentioned infra-red.    And, he knew the Q Factor that tied it all together.  

It really did feel like he was bringing back some important information from some other place/space.  I couldn’t dismiss what he was saying.  He slept after that for most of the day but when he awoke, he remembered it all.    He was so enthusiastic.  It fueled me and him with a hope and a sense of unusual connection.   I deeply felt what he shared and remembered was true and real although I have no memory of it, it felt right. Our hospital bill ended up being $13000.   This was covered by the fundraiser…many thanks to some beautiful people.

This was the birth of the Purple Carrot Club and I feel like everyone who supported us is a part of this club now.

This was the seed!    Although Jimi is no longer with us, the story remains and I will continue!

I continue the story of the Purple Carrot Club here, on this website.  I am growing Purple Carrots on our land.  I will continue to meditate, muse and contemplate the message that Jimi gave.    I am deeply sad he is not with us.    This is all dedicated to Jimi!

The Purple Carrot Club!

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