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Protecting and Ensuring the Future of the Dream

Protecting and Ensuring the Future of the Dream

Jim passed two months ago and while the time seems scrunched, it has also been full of potency.   It is like a fermenting mash active and doing what it is meant to do with the yeast and sugar and many bubbles of potential.    It has been the most difficult time of my life just trying to make sense of it all.  And, I feel different today…the experience has changed me.  It has changed a lot around me too.   I do feel it is an experience that is leading me, tenderly, into the labour of consciousness much deeper and potent than I can imagine.

The busy-ness of the Purple Carrot Club is most definitely fermenting along.   With some effort, today I will finish the studies of the Soil Food Web and graduate from this lectures of science presented by Dr Elaine Ingham  That doesn’t mean I am an expert by any stretch of means,  but I have the foundation to take this knowledge and new understanding to different levels that WILL make a difference in this world.    As I actively apply this knowledge, I realize the web of the soil is the missing link and a link that has been hidden from our view.   It has almost become a Spiritual act for me to bring this to my little part of the world.   We organic and natural gardens and farmers have been dubbed really.    The truth has been hidden from us.   And, I realize this understanding can and will change everything.   It will help and empower so many.   It will give us back our nutritious foods.   It will save our lands from chemicals and bad predators.  It will remove the need for so much finance and money effort.  It is a no brainer when you realize this science.      It feels like I am on a run-way about to take off.

Today, on the land, there are a number of experimental recipe piles brewing (cooking) and being monitored.    We are curiously cooking, watching and testing.   With our hands, eyes and microscope, we are educating ourselves about the web of life – the good guys, the bad guys and way to balance.      It is absolutely fascinating to see the web of life working in the soil and finding the sweet combinations required here in our particular and unique environment.   Also, we are renovating a laboratory area to test the soils like scientists so we know the “as below” to bring the “as above” to its’ highest potential.   Without this “tool” (the microscope) we can not know what direction to take, what recipe to create and how to control the pests, pathogens and bad dudes.  We are learning how to protect and honor life from the small spaces of the soil.     

Also, we are actively registering the legal name “Living Ground” or “Suelo Vivo”  and we are embarking upon one of the most important tasks placed into my hands.   I am not doing it alone.  The team around me and supporting this dream are amazing.   They also see the future in the light of we can really, really make a difference.    It won’t be long when we will be legally launching and begin changing the soils, the world and the soul.    We will take dirt and make it soil.   We will give life to the foundations. 

In the deep in consideration of “what next” I keep asking the ether’s of Jim the same question.   All that keeps coming to my heart and mind is to mold, honor and protect the dream.    The dream we had is much bigger than us.   It isn’t as concerned about the web of money as it is the web of consciousness.   I am traversing through the maze of legals since Jim passed and it an arduous and energy sucking task.   It sucks actually!    But, one step and one moment at a time, things are being put into place.    Also, I am very aware that the work we are about to bring into this world will catch the attention of the money and power hungry entities (I call them weitko agents).   We will be educating, assisting and guiding people away from the so called “green revolution” and chemical cocktails and giving them back the natural power.     So, we are dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” and making it so the foundation of “ceasar’s” world is solid.    Anyone who has entered the “paper” work of legals in Ecuador knows it is a traumatic experience and can sometimes be quite terrorizing.    But, we are DOING IT.

After Jim’s passing, I shared a story about connecting with a local Shaman who gifted me with his words and shared that I was welcome on these lands even with my white skin.    I understood.  This isn’t about possession and deeds.     The land I live upon is a richness to me beyond the “money”.    And, as with all “gifts”, they need to be shared.  I fully realize this natural law and shared about it recently.    It can not be contained as a “worth” of the dollar almighty. 

As I get the “things of this world” into place, my daughter and Alex made have made moves to be uncooperative.   I can move around this, but it hurt me, once again.    It lead me into a deeper muse about what would happen to this land and the sacred business if I crossed over and left this world?   Would the dream continue?      There are laws of this land and there are Spiritual considerations for me.    This land is rich in so many ways.    So, I have decided to share it in succession to those whose hands and heart are working this land and the dream and those who I know, with all my heart, understand the dream.     

New Family

Today, I opened the possibility for my Ecuadorian family (who are also working the business) to enter into the circle of generating the full future and gifting them with a welcome to have stewardship of this land.   Ricard grew up  on this land.  He climbed the trees, scrumpt the fruit and he has been my land partner since the day I arrived.    When Jim was ill, he and his family were like solid gold.   When Jim passed, this family held me.   He is actively learning the soil food web and is excited about the difference we can make.     I also consider and protect the future “Living Ground” business so that it exists after I am gone without concern for other legal entities making claim and destroying the dream.    These decisions feel very, very purposeful and intentional.   It feels like I am stepping out of the potentials of harm and greed in the future and gifting the “work” to those who will honor and care for it.    It is the natural law of “share the gift” to receive the Sidhi (higher gifts of spirit).    

It is not an easy task to consider the future after you are gone.    But, I am protecting the dream more than I am the “persons” (of CAPITAL LETTERS).     We live in world of legals that trap us.    We can be smart and play the game but with deeper intention for the future…and a future of at least 7 generations.    I will continue to work hard and stay focussed with the legacy of the dream Jim and I had.    And, I will ensure that it continues after me…and waves into the future.    

I will begin now to write more about the soil food web and the busy-ness of “Living Ground”.     The website will be launched once the legals are complete and in sound structure.   The teams is ready.    The soil is waiting.  The world is ready!    

I know, with all my heart, Jim is proud.


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