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Pepe’s Words of Wisdom

Pepe’s Words of Wisdom


Dear Miss Kaya,

I am whirling and turning a lot of words here for you today just like a helicopter’s blades.   It Pepe!   Naja will type these words but I am guiding her to write this letter.  She is better at typing.   I used my pointer fingers to type and so was slow.   I do wish you to know me and understand somethings about me.     So, let’s start that engine and see if I can guide these words through Naja.

Ready Naja?  

First, I am sorry I left the pond.   In some ways, I did what I was supposed to do.  I didn’t realize it was my time.  I wish I did so  I could have said some things to you before.  I was a tough guy though and sometimes in dis-ease we toss the hurt into to the back corners.   Naja knew more about that than me.  She tried hard to bring it out.   But, we did have one skype call with you before my surgery.   Naja asked many times for this call.  It was beautiful and very painful for me.   That is just because I really felt you and sad at the situation.

I ask you to be aware of me though…sometimes strange things will happen to you and sometimes that will be me talking to you from this other side.   I am with you.

It is fun to have wings now.   

First, I want you to know and look for the Q Factor.  Not too many know about the Q Factor.  It isn’t something you can scientize.   There is a force, out there, that spins magic. I came close by considering the formula 1+1=3.    Naja actually has a cool ability to pull this out of forgetfulness in a special way but she has forgotten.  I forgot too when I was there.   That is the nature of things.    I can’t tell Naja or you what it is.  On this side you just get it.   However, I will help you both.   

This force is of the dragonflies, the hummingbirds and the helicopters.    The wings use force and empty space energy but they also use a levitation in a stand still motion.  Human’s had this knowledge not too long ago but it was erased and removed from their knowledge by some very bad people.   It is a special energy.  It is inside you, me and Naja.  It is inside everyone.  We can’t touch it, smell it, see it.  If you are tapped in, you can feel it but the feeling is a fleeting reminder.    It flies, hovers and hangs in a mechanical wonder.   It can be destructive and it can be creative.   You will learn more about this and I when you do, you need to use it for positive and good.  If you use it for negative and bad, the return force is horrible.   So, be aware and careful!  It is better to be smart than sorry!

Kaya, I will always be with you!    Naja promised me she would care for our land until you are ready.   We made one little concession for your benefit.   This concession considers the things of the world and matter.   We ensured he land will never be sold until you are much older.   The richness and glory of the land is not in the monetary worth.  There might be times when you want that monetary worth.   The land, for sure, can provide that but the magic will disappear if it is sold.   You will thank us and understand one day, we know that for sure.

Be strong!    Don’t always seek answers from within the plane.   Sometimes answers are “in our face” and tucked into some secret spot under the layers.   Learn the symbolism of the bad guys.  Learn the symbolism of nature.   They are two very different things but often look the same. 

When you were born, I was ecstatic.    Naja and I were told we were not allowed to be present but at the very last moment before you came, we were invited in.   It was my kitchen.   After you met mom and dad, you held my finger.   You held tight, very tight.   I knew instantly you were going to be a trooper.   I knew instantly that moment was very sacred.

I desired you not to be cast out to sea with a birth certificate (capital name corporation).   However, I apologize because I wasn’t able to communicate it very well or give alternatives.  There are many out there doing work to help us now so that we own our names.  Find the teachers, Kaya.    Although this is about taking your name back, it is very important you come to understand how this act will free you at many other levels too.   

I want you to know I am not gone and I will always be with you.   I have just stepped over the thresh-hold of the pond to fly.   The pond, as you know, can be a muddy place of cloudy waters but there are clear waters too.  When I was there,  I liked to live simple and comfortable.    Naja did a good job of providing the nest.      Simple and comfortable takes a lot of work.    Don’t try to get something for nothing.   Don’t let lazy sit on your shoulder.   Don’t pass the buck.  Don’t lock yourself up tightly.   When you need a  break from life, just sit on the lily pads for a little while.   I liked to retreat to the garage and putter.  Naja liked to go to the garden and weed.   Find you thing.     I will come and sit with you.   But, I can’t come back into the pond anymore.   Once we fly, we are free of the mud.   

Naja is still there.   She is forming the mud for you and keeping it safe.   She does a good job on her own, but  I will help her.   I will give her ideas and spark her attention in the essense of the land and guide her in the flying beings that buzz around her.   She plants many flowers and my essence will ensure they are fertilize with a special energy.    I didn’t help Naja to much in the gardens, but I wanted too.  I wanted to learn and give her support.    I will whirl the electric motion and continue to build from where I am now.

The day you left our land, Kaya, I stood in the dark of the middle of that horrible dark night and felt a cascade of deep loss.   Naja and I both felt it was a mistake and, if it was us, we would have chosen a different path.   We are sorry.   Generations are different though..but good things always come back around.  I wanted to understand the “why” and I did ask for some help from friends.    My truthful reaction was anger.   But, in this life, it is important we all have the freedom to fly different paths as long as it doesn’t harm another.   That is the golden rule.     

I desire you to harness freedom.   I will help you return to the land.  I will give you signs and nudge the matter so you know there is a sacred space growing, lifting, transforming just for you.   That is good news!  I have a sense you will chose it..and be glad you did.  In some ways, it is your ancestral heritage.   I see you great grandmothers and great, great grandmothers now.   You come from a good stock.    They help Naja and they will also help you.   Do not abandon where you come from.   

I loved the helicopters.   Naja love the flying birds and insects.  They are not very different really.   The  dragonfly , in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

i want you to know another secret I had.  Often, at the end of the day, i was stop and say “I am so lucky”.    I said it to Naja a lot especially when I was very ill.   She took very good care of me and she has a gift in that regard.  Be there and take care of your loved ones.   It is way more powerful to be selfless than selfish.   Naja didn’t just care about my physical, she wanted me to heal at every level.   When you meet her again, remember this magical phrase  “I am so lucky” as this only comes from the energy of giving. 

Another phrase that I liked was “give them enough rope to hang themselves”.  That is why I didn’t try to stop your parents.    Naja really wanted to work on things and make it right but I often stopped her.   She is very emotional, Naja that is!    Sometimes it gets in her way, but she feels things a little more than most of us.   That is why gardening, plants and nature is good for her.  It can take some of those difficult emotions away and help her.   It will be your medicine too.  I remember how you loved to follow her in the garden and help her.  I wish I could have joined you two but I had a lot to do at the other end of the building spectrum. 

I will talk to you more…and be watching over you, Miss Kaya.    My love for you was a love never known.    I am grateful we came together for a short time.   It was a gift for me.

Watch the sights and sounds.  I will be there!

All my love…I love you more

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