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Purple Carrot Club

A diary of my experiences put into the ether-net!    The Purple Carrot Club was seeded by my late partner Jim after a pretty intense operation to remove cancer masses from his body.   When he returned from the operation he quite emphatically ordered me to grow Purple Carrots.   That was on  New Year 2020.   He left us 4 weeks later.   I took him seriously, his request and the carrots are growing.    This site is one of those carrots  

 This website is soup pot of sharing from my life experience.    In the alchemy of suffering and the following of dreams I am recording each step.    I don’t really know why but I know I ask the difficult questions and challenge the programs that have contained us.   

Maybe I share this site to remember and keep Jim alive?  Maybe it is so my grand-daughter, Kaya, whom Jimi and I adored will know our story and experience?  Kaya was removed from our worlds abruptly and totally before he left.     Maybe this is for my daughter whom I love dearly and whom confuses me in her abandonment of our bond?  She turned away from me and disconnected into a world of her own and has not connected, in love, since Jimi passed?  Maybe this is for you, who reads my posts so that perhaps my words of discernment and vulnerability help you and give you strength in these times of turmoil?   And, maybe this is just for me and an echoing voice into the wild corridors of our collective sounds?

I am alchemizing life in words as it presents to me on this journey.   My words can be messy, logical, irrational and sensical.    Whatever it is for you, for me, it is a collection of muses; the ups and downs!    I write to discern.  I write to heal.  I write because our “real” words are important in a world that manipulates us.  

Below is a timeline of the articles written (most current first).   Jim was a force to be reckoned with and he remains in my words in this blog….


Yesterday evening I noticed a sound I keep making and reverberating.  Here is what I shared: This oooof is a rhyme of sorts.   It is a statement of exclamation which I realize I do, a lot.   It is getting stronger and stronger.  It is time many of us made the

Think…or at least Listen!

I am not sure how long I can keep things under the radar. So, I will keep this brief. I keep copying my copy as if I don’t, this post disappears. Not sure what that is about. After every sentence I do a new copy. One lady I have followed

Meaningfulness That Is Not Meaningless

The most terrifying thing to me right now is not that things are hostile, but they are indifferent.      Indifference!    This is what I have been experiencing a lot in the last year.   When I was a child, I believed everyone was the same and it never occurred

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That…

The health of an ecosystem is determined by the strength of its predators!  That is a statement and how I am starting this article.   But, first, a hello to you the reader!   I have been quiet on the purple-carrot club sharings/musing mainly because life has taken many twists and turns

A Beginning To An End!

Not done….the planters will be given the purple jew plant tomorrow. It has special meaning as it was the only plant Jimi had when I moved in with him. It is pretty tolerant of no-care. And, it is fitting being purple. Before we started to build our house, Jim and


Who am I?

It is not so much who am I but why I am here.  I don’t really know the answer but I do seek and search.    I have left the western world to discover myself and what it means to be human.   I am in process of creating many natural paths of medicine, self sufficiency and lost art alchemy.    There are not many teachers in this regard so I experiment and make many failures.    I have sacrificed a lot in the last year and suffered deeply.   I trust and imagine the difficult medicine is for a purpose.…read more…


Disclaimer: My sharings are expressions of a life.    I am always learning and discovering.  Therefore,  I reserve the right to change my mind and feelings.    Nothing I say can be used against me in this regard.   I intend to be honest and vulnerable.    There maybe gramatical errors.  There maybe perception errors.   I am not perfect.  I own everything that has and is happening to me.   If I seem off or harsh, maybe it is because I don’t always have warm and cuddly memories.   I am just telling my own truth.   

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