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Yesterday evening I noticed a sound I keep making and reverberating.  Here is what I shared:

This oooof is a rhyme of sorts.   It is a statement of exclamation which I realize I do, a lot.   It is getting stronger and stronger.  It is time many of us made the same shout…oooof!

Where do I start with this one!?   There is so much I desire to share but finding the right words and presenting them perfectly is supposedly important.   We are in a world that proves it place.    What if I let loose and didn’t concern myself with the factuals and datas?   If I did, does that make me non-sensical?

In my heart I feel we are dividing for a purpose.    This time of late is creating a parting of the sea (see).   From my perspective, this didn’t just “happen”.  It has been in the works for a long, long, long time.    The people who have taught me, in the past 10 years since I have been in Ecuador, seemed to have disappeared or gone silent.    I spend most of my day talking to myself.    I have gained so much and yet very much alone.

But still, I know what I know and I know what I don’t.     I am open.    I get that we are influenced and that digging into the inter-net of communication is how we actually learn and how we are also coerced.  Have we lost something? I think I am at a point or a time, well earned, where I see things that maybe you don’t.    Maybe that is my ego?

I don’t believe in the virus.  Why?  Because I don’t think science has proven they exist.   That is why the “germ theory” remains a theory.   Now, I am not a scientist.   I don’t have formal education is this regard, but I have been educating myself for many years. Does that make me unreliable?    It is actually very sad I have to proclaim this.   Can’t we be connected without the credentials?   I have expressed much compassion to my comrades who are on the other side of the fence.  I don’t ridicule them or condemn them.  I just feel sad we are heading down a path where the “powers” who tell us what is good and right may not be so good and right.    When did we forget how powerful we are without “them”?  When did “they” become our gods?

When I first delved into the “natural” studies, I was young, naive and desiring to know what was going on.  That was 30 + years ago and the questions remain the same.    The impetus of all I have tried to do and understand is centered on the question “what is going on?”  I don’t know…but I do get it ain’t right…or friginning left…or right.

Today I find myself musing on the soil. I find myself questioning the sciences.  I find myself on a side of the fence that most do not want to even entertain.  i find myself looking at the “micro” (microscope) and wondering how technology of sciences has forgotten some very basic and natural concepts?   

Here, let me share a video that, while rather crude, really does a good job of explaining the problems with the main stream deluge of scientific delusions:

It seem to me we have taken the path of theoretical blindness.   It scares me a lot.    It scares me because people I love are wrapped up in a stream that has turned into a raging river.    What I adored about Jim, when he was here, ihe “got me” and my fanatical ways.    But, I am not that different to most who just want to know the truth.  He was more fanatical than me.  I miss his fanatical-ness.   I miss thinking he was strange but loving him due to his strangeness.

Last night one of Jim’s heroes actually contacted me.   His name is Kurt and he is a front runner and guide for anyone looking to claim sovereignty.   It was a strange interaction because it was heart-felt for me.   Jim’s passion was his “name” and his real name.   He questioned why he was sold at his birth.  He questioned hie as circumcised that scared his body.   He was angry.   I got his anger.   He didn’t blame his parents he blamed the powers that control us.   His wound was deep.   I will leave it at that.

I do believe in “natural law”.  The laws are simple and complex (to the distracted).   They supersede man’s laws.  This brings me back to the theory of germs.  It brings me to the theory of relativity.  It brings me to the theory of gravity.    It brings me to the theory of Jesus.    It is a miss-mash of misunderstanding.  I don’t proclaim to get it, but I do question it all.   And, this is a healthy state of being in today’s world.

So, here I am!  Feeling like I am a bit of the “wild one”.   I don’t trust the authority because I know enough to know it is not real.   In many ways I am afraid to even admit what I think and feel.    And, I also contain a untrammeled creativity.   I can’t imagine being naked and dancing as I wish to do because my program runs deep.  But, I can and I have.  Jimi saw and experienced this with me.   There are artificial patterns that govern us all. 

It amuses me that my new study is in soil.   It is a study that life needs to be fertile and where something will grow.   For me it is the burdocks, dandelions, nettles; the weeds for most.  Combining the seed with the fertile soil and you can elaborate and wield your wishes in health.   Is it not up to us to root?   I am reminded to root out what I don’t want  and nurture what I do.

So, I count my blessings…or as Jim said “be-more-ings”.    A seed falls where it does.  It deals with its’ culture.    It makes the best of where it is, patience, perseverance in adversity.    

I could make personal claims here.  I do not want to.  I don’t want to fight.  I do not want to oppose.  The world situation tells me I have to pick a side.   I won’t!   I don’t want too.  Whatever is going on, it is important, yes? Si?

Everyone has a role…for themselves and for each and everyone of us.  I do hope we get it right.  Chances are we won’t.   But I do admire many and I see good things all around.  I am gaining traction in using suffering and hardship to alchemize something good.  I am not a world or stage player and I have no intention to play the game for gain.   Survival is important.   Perhaps that is what we have forgotten?    I will end this sharing with a question for all those who find solace in nature and natural, why are you relying on “theories” to protect you?  Theories they are!    Trust in something higher!  Yes, Si?!?!!!   


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