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Not Stopping Until Stop Stops Me

Not Stopping Until Stop Stops Me
I might be too intense!
Today…harvested sweet potatoes for vodka mash. Then took the piles of greens and created a new space to replant. Put new plants in the space harvested. I chose Asparagus and Elephant garlic that came from elsewhere and not doing too well there. Weed as you go and distractions in between. Harvested the Sorghum grass and toss the green as a topper on the new beds. Take the seeds..they can be like barley for the mash. Checked the animals…and the compost piles..check and check and check. Water is on after a week of not (thank you my brother Ricard), so tonight we can get the Rose Geranium distilling. On and driping. Boil and roast the potatoes and roast the seeds..then mash..mix…combine with yeast after a temperature run and now let sit for fermenting. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned more. I consulted today with specialists, answered emails, connected with special ones and chatted with young ones. I visited Bobina (the cat) and her new born tribe. I milked Sage the matriarch goat who just lost two babies and we almost lost her too. The day (daze) never ends…and tonight I shared a Purple Carrot sharing. I still have sadness for losing Jim and I am okay. I often don’t stop until Stop stops me. I think it is time for bed.
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