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Mind & Matter in Collective Change

Mind & Matter in Collective Change

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At this point in human history (herstory), we’ve come to a place where the lid is being blown off the insidious crimes of humanity.   The crimes have been going on forever, I suppose, at least since man has walked this earth and it might be the reason for the story of leaving the Garden of Eden.   But, for today, with the technology and information explosion we have a new way to share it…to learn, grow, discover and inform.   The power of the Gaia web of information is being used against us…and we are also using it for collective potential.

The “information” is an awareness.  However, the awareness will not be the fuel for change.  The fuel comes from the inner being.

One part of me says….get this people (see video below)..wake up and see this reality….the other part of me says, “my gosh the story us human’s weave” …. soap opera drama lovers…. we are!

Yes, I get this is happening and is important. Yes, I get it is a dream weaved from a collective too. It is so easy to say this is happening “out there” and not our responsibility. A weak thread in the process of evolution.  We are not the audience sitting watching this happen!  This is happening in the inner and outer.   We have work to do!
What it is to be human? One is to stand in two camps, one foot in each, on the one foot space/time, the everyday consensus reality, the matrix, call it what you will. Your other foot is in the inner world. Without both, we will always be in a dilemma folks!
We are all at a place where the two lands come together. You are the bridge between finite and infinite, between limits and limitlessness. You bring, if you choose, limitless and infinite love into a world….a world that is, indeed, starved for love. That inner world only has the borders, the governance and the results of your own make up…and that you have power over. Work it!
Hatred, arrogance, division and imbalance of the individual will NOT aid in the progress towards a great place for us to be, here, together…no matter what enfolds in this “plan to save the world”. Are you getting fed up with the bickering yet? What is your inner bickering? Might want to deal with that first!
It does not matter how well-intentioned you are, your good intention rises from the context of your conceptions – YOUR INNER WORLD …and this is useless in effecting change unless they are driven and guided by (and with) a cultivated wisdom. This needs to be extended from you (and me) as an individual to the collective. The only ways to truly do this is to get totally real in your personal world…do the inner work. If you don’t think you need any inner work, therein lies a problem! This isn’t happening just “out there”. The two sides need to meet, merge and become one for any lasting beautiful change. Stop the division!!!! Stop the stories that are NOT aiding the change.

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