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Welcome to the blog of the Purple Carrot Club.    Here will share our fun stories and adventures of the Living Ground ~ Suelo Vivo creative project.   This is the coming together or a group of people (old, young, local, international) to create a service that changes the world.  It is about the soul of soil.   About a year ago, we were given a scholarship to learn soil microbiology via the Soil Food Web (Dr Elaine).  Jim was very excited and learning alongside me.   We had dreams.  This dream is also in the heart of our dear friends, Keisha and Casey  We have shared these dreams and now it is coming to fruition one micro, one compost, one hope at a time. 

Our land is the home of this “club” and the makers of Living Ground.    Our business will rise soon.   Here we share the journey and walk towards really making a difference in this world.


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