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Live & Dry Blood

Live & Dry Blood

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Like the rivers and streams of the earth, your blood is a life force and a window into your inner world!


Live blood analysis is fundamentally the analysis of living blood under a powerful microscope, connected to a camera.   Everyone’s blood is unique and different and shows the inner world fully alive.

The condition and quality of our red blood cells, white blood cells, anomalies viewed and the containing plasma has a direct impact on our present and future health.   We can view signs of stress and dis-ease appearing in the blood years before they manifest as symptoms in the body.

As you see the blood cells floating and trickling in rivers and streams you realize you are alive. This is your terrain.  Live blood capture looks a lot like the Milky Way occasionally studded with sparkling ‘moon rocks’ and moving astroids. The eeriness of the scene belies the truths to be revealed about your health. This is live blood analysis.


A test performed in conjunction with live blood analysis is called layered dried blood analysis or the oxidative stress test. A drop of blood is pressed onto a slide to make eight consecutive smears, which are allowed to coagulate and dry. The patterns of coagulation reveal further information about the state of the terrain, and provide signs that corroborate information already revealed by the live blood analysis.

In a similar way to how the body is seen and viewed in the iris of the eye, the body planes are represented in the coagulation pattern(s). Disturbances relating to the adrenals or reproductive system are found at the centre of the spot and further out are bands corresponding to vital organs, then lymph tissues, then finally the skin. It is therefore possible to determine which parts of the body are holding toxins, and therefore currently ill, or at risk of developing disease.


Live an dry blood testing enables us to see exactly how the blood behaves in the body, giving a clear picture of health at a cellular level. The intention is not to make a diagnosis from patterns seen, but to assess the biological terrain, which may appear as pH imbalances, heightened activity and/or missing links.

To understand the concept of ‘terrain’, just think of a vegetable garden: if the terrain, or soil, is in a healthy condition, the plants will grow vigorously and will be free of disease and parasites. Similarly, if the terrain in the human body is healthy, bacteria, viruses and fungi will be repelled, metabolic processes will proceed unhindered, and disease will not be enabled.

By examining the live blood, it is possible to assess the body’s terrain and anticipate the onset of disease long before it manifests. One has the opportunity to correct current imbalances, in order to improve current and prevent future ill health.

What organs might be useful in evaluating all tissues of the body as a reflection of their present physiology? Good candidates include the blood, the tongue and the iris. These three are physiologically sensitive to all organs and tissue conditions due to: 1) their sensitivity, having highly developed vascular and nerve supply, 2) they have highly visible cellular structure, and 3) they have highly and regularly structured so that changes in these organs can be analyzed and easily noted.

Live and dry blood analysis is especially useful in preventive health care. The red blood cells carry oxygen and the plasma carries nutrients to every cell in the body. The state of health or ill-health of the blood therefore affects every cell in the body, so it is clear that by improving the health of the blood, one can improve the health of the body.

Iridology Testing and Reporting is $60
Live/Dry Blood and Iridology combined is $150


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