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Lil One’s First Visit To The Land

Lil One’s First Visit To The Land

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On my 51st Birthday, Jim and I introduced Kaya to the new land.    This land and all the work we do has a forward motion as we gift this property and all its’ fruits to her and her forward “sight” too.   It is through the children and the 7 generations forward that we find the determination to create a better world.  It is not about money or inheritance.  It is about setting the stage for the life giving force and teaching her how to live as a natural being.   Thus far we have planted and transplanted over 50 trees.   When she is old, these trees will provide their fruits, their shade, their abundance.    Our goals are to create a “whole” picture where the land circles and spirals upon itself to provide and nourish within the circle  The human being  is much like a music composer of the notes.

Jim and I are not people of money.  We are simple folk and we are willing to put the sweat equity into this dream.   I believe with all my being the results will be far beyond wealth of economics.   Too many in this world use money to create this type of dream and I know the element of money equity in nature does not close the circle of magic.  The magic includes getting your hands dirty.    This dream considers Kaya as our primary motivation force.   This is our gift to the land, to her and to human kind.   Our commitment to this resulted in the land being placed Kaya’s name.    This is her land as she is within us.   Property ownership is not about the legal stances.  It is about creating a little space so that generations to come will know, remember and understand.   And, that is how it should be!  AHO!


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