Leisha’s Letters – Muses to Myself

 Excuse me while I express….

So, you have stumbled into my little digital realm and space here.  Either you know me and are curious, concerned or you are just surfing and driving around the web and found me.    First and foremost, I would like to welcome you with open arms and only hope that your mind is as curious as mine is.  This blog was initiated from deep loss.  Words are my healing balm.   And, know, this space is not the real me..it is a digital representation placed into the program one letter and number at a time to create and fashion an echo of lived life.

Who am I?

I a female, middle aged, apprentice to logic, harbinger of the inevitable, appraiser of morals and actions, professional of the garden arts, observer and creator of drama around me, critic of the current catastrophe in this modern day,   The power of my name is energetic and the time of my birth fate-induced.   I am not sure how that works, but it seem to be a digital thread even if it is not strong rope.   I am not sure if I decided this time to experience  what I do or if time decided for me.   I am a deep thinker and very sensitive.   I hurt easy.   I care too much.  I question everything.   I love helping others.   And, yes, I am in a tunnel of healing.    READ MORE….

What Are You Afraid Of?

Now this is funny…and true, unfortunately!   I am certain Jim would like, no, love this!   I do too!   Enjoy! Carlin on Germs And, if you don’t think the shots are dangerous?   Listen to this… a well trained scientist… https://rumble.com/vkopys-a-pathologist-summary-of-what-these-jabs-do-to-the-brain-and-other-organs.html

Research … The Current News!

Do you know how many (f*cking) times I have been asked to prove myself…give the facts, links and data.    Quite honestly, I am fed up with this shenanigans.   What I can say is I have been dripped and dropped with many “facts” and “reality checks” over the decade I

What is Going on? How Do We Deal With This Mess?

It might just be time to give up!   Aren’t we at a point where we are “over it”?  Shouldn’t we come to that point of being over it?  How did it get so out-of-hand?    It is a game!  It is full of evil characters.    It is time to

The Y With A Sprinkle of Confusion

I don’t get it!  I really don’t!   What seems obvious and logical is not assimilated the same way by other creatures of the human species.   I have a lot of questions.  I have a lot of doubts.  I have a lot of wondering if anything we do can and will


A comrade recently asked me “is all the alchemy you are doing changing you?”   It came at a time when I was deeply feeling the “missing” of Jim.   I couldn’t answer.  That question has been carving me deeply since.   In fact, it has spun me into a dark night.