Yesterday evening I noticed a sound I keep making and reverberating.  Here is what I shared: This oooof is a rhyme of sorts.   It is a statement of exclamation which I realize I do, a lot.   It is getting stronger and stronger.  It is time many of us made the

Think…or at least Listen!

I am not sure how long I can keep things under the radar. So, I will keep this brief. I keep copying my copy as if I don’t, this post disappears. Not sure what that is about. After every sentence I do a new copy. One lady I have followed

Meaningfulness That Is Not Meaningless

The most terrifying thing to me right now is not that things are hostile, but they are indifferent.      Indifference!    This is what I have been experiencing a lot in the last year.   When I was a child, I believed everyone was the same and it never occurred

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That…

The health of an ecosystem is determined by the strength of its predators!  That is a statement and how I am starting this article.   But, first, a hello to you the reader!   I have been quiet on the purple-carrot club sharings/musing mainly because life has taken many twists and turns

A Beginning To An End!

Not done….the planters will be given the purple jew plant tomorrow. It has special meaning as it was the only plant Jimi had when I moved in with him. It is pretty tolerant of no-care. And, it is fitting being purple. Before we started to build our house, Jim and