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Letter to the Complainers and Gossipers

Letter to the Complainers and Gossipers

Dear you who complain and criticize,

Let’s have a beer and lime and talk about this….

Of course that which comes around goes around.   

Of course I have heard the gossip!

Of course I am not really gobsmacked… as this cruelty always vibrates a stench from the backends of assholes.   

Of course that is how weak people try to feel powerful.  I know that!

Of course when you put yourself out there (as I am in this writing), there are those who like to snicker and make the snide remarks.  It is more like a stenching breeze coming from places of the backsides of fertilizer gone anaerobic..and if you get that, you know it is just the pathogens.    

Of course, you are perhaps wasting my time…but let’s get this real.

And, I want to offer you some gratitude.   That is what Jimi would say to me!    He always desired I be strong in my voice. He knew it was one of my secret powers.    You know, our word is the only thing we truly own (of course they are taking that from us).  But, stay powerful and strong and be articulate and say what you mean and mean what you say. Use words to create and if you can’t say it to someone’s face, please shut up.  If it is not nice, if it is not constructive, if it doesn’t create, please shut up.    Can you tell I am gaining some Grandmother energy?

One thing that I loved about Jim was he didn’t care what others thought of him.  Of course he cared what his family and friends thought, but you on the periphery, he didn’t give a darn.   He had no patience for slimmy people.   I am a wee bit more sensitive.    It is not so much about what eventually gets back to us (via the grapevine of word) as it is we sensitives actually feel the snickering in our bones.   It is time to not be shy or smashed inwards.  It is time, I believe, I speak up and out.

I am musing on Weitko right now…and I acknowledge that your back stage stabbings are just showing me a indepth look at weitko and its’ deceptiveness.  More will be shared on this topic.   

Jimi always disliked the complainers and criticizers.  Sure he was a a complainer and criticizer himself but he wasn’t afraid to speak his truth right to the horse’s teeth.     He detested whiners…they wasted his time and their own.   Every small town and neighborhood has them lurking in the shadows bored with their own lives.    They enjoy or get a false sense of satisfaction pretending they know and they “know” what the “know”.      Jim said “they” had nothing better to do than to critique others in their boredom and pettiness.   

The heroes of this word don’t play that game.   They don’t need to change others, put others down and they actually know more about  what they “don’t know” than about what they do.   They are very different beings.   Today, I am honored to say, that most of my dear friends will speak to me…not around me.   And, most of my clan circle are humble in knowing what they don’t know.    We are on this journey together.  Sure we fuck up, but we help each other up.  It does give us the satisfaction of knowing we are not perfect, but we are working it out.

Sometimes with Jim, I was  embarrassed because he was so straight to the point and straight to the face.   It was strange though, Jimi had a knack of telling someone to fuck off and they smiled thinking “he is such a nice guy”.   I tell someone to fuck off and it gets super messy.     Of course Jimi vented to me afterwards.     I knew his fuck off smile very well…it was very articulated and, actually, a beautiful smile.  It was always a curious observation to me.     He liked few and loved even less but the like and love he had was committed and strong.     Jimi always said “give someone enough rope, they will hang themselves”.    He never felt a need to knock them too far off their thrones.  That I admired a lot!   But, you got in the face of one of his friends, watch out.    Jimi had a “anger” but it propelled him to deeper waters of understanding.    He had a confusion with hatred though…I don’t think he “hated” at all.   

So, back to the topic…. I do have some questions for you who like to snicker and snide in the backends?   Does it please you or comfort you to judge and ridicule another?    Does it provide for you a need or give you some experience of power?    Why?   What good does it do for you?    Are you challenged by reading these words?    Take a look at that.

I’ve gained a wee bit more of a tough skin lately.  Jimi would be proud.   So, take you ropes and weave your own mess.   You are not making a mess of my creation.   You are just messing up your vibration.

For the last two years I was writing privately and only shared with Jim.    I have thousands of “only me” social media posts.    Jimi loved my writing and it did cause him to consider deeper things of this world.   He knew I was too tender and sensitive to “be out” there so he listened and contemplated my word(s) with me.  He didn’t understand everything I wrote and sometimes he challenged me.   But, he knew I’d been hurt.   He knew I was “delicate”.   In this regard, he was my strength.     I do find delicacies and writing and expressing myself in the written word.   It is like my other garden.

If what I am sharing here is annoying you, you might want to take a look at that inside yourself.   Could be a myriad of reasons that could help you become a nicer, better person.  I don’t think I am going to “shut up”.     If the locals want to bash me, here is my cheek, go ahead.   Is what you are doing creative?    If not, I have compassion.  But, I won’t shut up because you are mean.

And, cheers to you my “not fan club”.   Beer and lime cheers is in order!    I think it is time the seekers stand up and stop being shy.  We give voice to change.   I know I won’t always get it right.  I do reserve the right to change my mind.  And, I reserve the right to share as I creatively feel.     I’ve been through a nightmare.  I’ve learnt a lot.   I now can use this for good.  You want to dampen that?    Remember, you can not harness and hold the light unless you have experienced the darkness.  Drink your own medicine…mine is pretty strong.    Your stabbings are compelling more of a forward thrust in this engine.   It is time we woke up and generate something much better.   

Jack Johnson sang these lines in a few of his songs….
Oh but everybody thinks
That everybody knows
About everybody else
Nobody knows
Anything about themselves
Cause they’re all worried about everybody else


Here is to Jimi…beer and lime.

PS:  I won’t place this post on social media because I know how Spirit works….you will read this and feel it!  And, of course, you can leave a comment below!  🙂



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