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Letter to the Administration of The Soil Food Web

Letter to the Administration of The Soil Food Web

Dear Soil Food Web….

I just completed the Foundation Course and I want to share a little and offer my deepest gratitude to you and the school.   You accepted my training for the Foundation Course on scholarship and while I was excited about learning and sharing this information, I had no idea the height of understanding and experience I was about to gain.    At the time I was accepted, my partner and I had purchased new land in Ecuador and began the process of building a home and dream.   Our intention is self-sufficiency and living as close to nature as possible.    Much energy was given to the land itself; the animals, pastures, mature fruit forests, medicines and herbs and the water systems and new ponds.    We also built an Apothecary for my work in Live/Dried Blood Analysis (microscope work).

During this time,  my partner became very ill and was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.    He passed away Jan 26 of this year after a very intense battle.       It was a very traumatic and potent experience.    Jimi, my partner was very enthusiastic about my studies and how this could change the core of our dream.   It really did feel like, finally, we were being given information that could elevate our dream.    He was an inventor type and was very excited about creating equipment to assist the future of the microbiology future for us.
After he passed, I continued the studies and started to connect some deeper spiritual and scientific internal data.    Having a deeper understanding of the soil food web and its’ potential started to exploded within me and take on a more potential.   I have been exploring intensely how the soil and the blood relate and  ask will I be able to make comparisons to eating and living on land that has the microbiology and see this in the blood analysis?   

As Jim was fighting for his life, a team of support started to form around me and I have been sharing my knowledge and dream opening up the possibilities for future dreams.

Keisha and Casey who are dear old friends, walked the grief journey with me and due to their involvement, we auspiciously connected with some people/investors in Ecuador who are interested in converting to microbiological situations.    Locals started to ask questions.  I began to realize my 35 years plus of organic permaculture living had serious flaws.   It felt like I was learning secrets of the inner world of soil.     

My partner’s passing also created a club called the   

Purple Carrot Club…..

 that arose from his words and sharing after a major surgery.  

This story is recorded here!….


 …. (it is a long story but explains how the club was formed)  This Club is morphing to become the “team” who are actively learning, understanding and applying the science of the soil food web.  I have opened up the land and its’ buildings for this team and we are living together now creating an amazing space.    For the past couple of months we have been cooking and testing recipes, going through the process of turning, extracting and teaching the benefits of the soil food web.    We have a long way to go…but we are laying the foundations.   

This week, I am legally registering and founding a company called “Living Ground” (spanish Suelo Vivo) and our property will be the home of this formation.     We are establishing different areas on the land to hold the mother piles and setting up areas to make teas and extracts.     We are renovating to create a laboratory and training area and will soon begin the process of examining and recording data about the soils form our home country.     We expect Keisha and Casey to visit (arrive) soon and guide us all deeper in this creation.     Our team consists of locals, families and gringos (of a wide variety of ages) who are fascinated and excited about what they are learning and how this can be applied in our little section of the world.  My greatest excitement is the locals who understand the culture here in Ecuador and realize we have to make a change to the farming and land maintenance practices.    

I share this with you because I am deeply grateful.   I do wish to continue the studies with the school and wait for the resources to do so.   We still have a lot to learn but we are laying the foundation for some great potentials.    I find myself today land rich and money poor but excited about the future. I do wish my partner was here to see this dream forming and be active with it’s creation but realize in many ways, this is now his legacy that gave birth as he left this world.    So, I continue with a force.    

I and the team are excited about our project.    We feel the locals and the country, itself, will greatly benefit from this science.    As I shared, I do intend to continue the studies and put it all into practice.  Once we legalize the company, we will launch the website.  When Keisha and Casey arrive, we are excited about going through working with our first projects and clients.    
So, thank you so much…from the bottom of my heart.     I hope you can feel our excitement!  
Deepest Gratitude

Leisha and The Purple Carrot Club (Living Ground ~ Suelo Vivo)

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