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Iodine – Jimi’s Protocol

Iodine – Jimi’s Protocol

Here is amazing information that I think all people should know.   Jimi was passionate about this knowledge.   This is especially true for men and prostate health. 

 In the beginning of our protocol journey, we knew Jim’s prostate was enlarged causing a block in the urethra.     He initially had troubling urinating and “aches” in his lower back and prostate region.    We initially thought it was a bladder or kidney infection.   

One morning in October, 2020, he screamed at me to come to the bathroom.  The toilet was full of blood.  We immediately went to the hospital.    Jimi was blocked and a catheter was inserted.   Over the course of the next couple of months, we learned how to remove and insert the catheter.  It was a source of much frustration and anguish.   It was removed the day the surgeon came to our house (in January 2021) to remove the incision staples.   The doctor said it was all good.    It was not!   Jimi’s incision would opened (burst) as the urethra was still blocked causing a back up.

Jim did not want to hear the “c” word and started to frantically research prostate issues.   He started this iodine therapy.   If we were battling BPH, it would have worked.   I share this for others, especially men.    

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