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Fermented Food

It is an old art to make naturally fermented and cultured foods. Although not prepared with fire or heat, the elemental result is a source of fire and heat for our body.    Fermenting is also alchemizing.  You start with two, three or more items and fuse them into a new creation.

The most significant aspects of these foods are found in the process in which they are made. The fermentation or culturing process is more important than the foods that are fermented. When green cabbage is shredded and placed under pressure with a little sea salt, the liquids are extracted from the cabbage. In this liquid ethereal life forces and gases are freed. While the cabbage mixture increases in temperature, chemical interactions take place and substances transform. The matured and finished sauerkraut, has become an individual unique food with an inner liveliness, flavour and aroma completely its own. A whole new product has been created consisting of ‘magical’ living microorganisms and an abundance of nutritious substances and forces. The microorganisms in the sauerkraut, the lacto bacilli, create not only flavours and textures they also produce an environment wherein ‘unwanted bacteria’ can not live and therefore the foods are preserved instead of rotting.

One of our favourite protocols for our clients is a cabbage ferment.   This protocol is called “heal the gut” and is a mainstay in most people’s steps to wellness.

It is relatively simple to ferment or pickle vegetable foods. They can be ready in a few hours or in a few days and others, like miso, can take years to mature. The different pickles and fermented foods have different properties, effects, flavours and consistency. Some are more sour, some salty, some crispy and some soft, some are strengthening and warming, others loosening and cooling.

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