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Dreaming Future Projects

Dreaming Future Projects

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I am laying the foundation…
I am layering the bricks….

When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not provide through the creation of the land.

I have an idea.  Right now I see the idea and get the road to get there has many stepping stones.  It doesn’t just magically appear.   With the seeding of the land to self contain its’ own nourishment and hold the pure waters, the future will mean abundance.   I do know that all I have planted thus far is out growing my expectations.

So, perhaps in the future the idea of weekly organic baskets full of veggies, herbs, greens, fruits, jams, milk and cheese, fermentations, elixirs and healing teas will be possible.    I envision a cooperative where we share the medicines and foods from the lands.   We will exchange and provide.   We will know our community and their personalized needs.

I think it is a great dream…and a dream I am creating.

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