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Creating Personalized Forumulas

Creating Personalized Forumulas

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To benefit and feel the healing properties from herbs is so much more intricate than just taking a herb for a condition.  It is an art!   This art is combining harmony “notes” to create a song or “colours” to create a perfect picture that matches you, your body, emotions and characteristics.   However, like a musician creating beautiful music, creating a herbal formula that sings perfectly for you takes some investigation and enquiry.

The “action” of the herb is only one component of understanding herb’s potential. There are elements, qualities, tastes and what we call “Doshas” both in the “person” and in the “plants”.  It is not an easy process to find herbs that truly match you and your ailment and perhaps this is why many people say “herbs don’t work for me” .  Herbs do work!   And, it requires a synergistic blending.

I have created an effective and relatively easy formula you can use in conjunction with this website to match YOU synergistically with herb(s).  First, though, creating formulas is a deeply intuitive process that strengthens the more you know yourself and the herbs you are working with.

This website lists all our our herbs by Body Systems, 3 Doshas, 5 tastes and the herbal actions as seen in the tabs below.  You will be referring to there tabs in your artistic, investigative creation.   Have fun!

Assignments for Herbs


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Links to Herbs for Body Systems

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So, let’s get started on how to formulate your perfect healing tincture…

To start, please get a blank piece of paper and make 6 columns as follows

1                         2                                    3                4             5
My Ailment       Description       Dosha        Taste       Herbs

Column 1 My Ailment

Here you will record what is ailing you; what body organ, system or tissues do you wish to effect?

We will work on ONE ailment at at time. (Blends can be made for multiple ailments, but we suggest you start with ONE for the first time).  Use the  Tab A ( above)  to help you assign a body system.     Sometimes two body systems are involved.   If you are familiar with Herbal Actions, you can review Column C tab above.

OVER to Column 5 Herbs

You going write at least 8 (or more) herbs listed in the “body system” category you choose and reviewed (Tab A).    Each body system lists all the herbs available at the end of the article.      At this point, just choose the herbs that resonate with you.  You do not need to read about the herb at this point…and it is probably better you do not do so.     This is mostly intuitive.  There is no need for perfection at this point,     If you are familiar with “actions” you can also choose herbs from these categories too but it is not that important.

Column 2  Elemental Description

In column 2, we identify the “core element” of your ailment.  These are “basic” descriptive terms as listed below.  For example, if you have congestion in the lungs, you might describe it as hot, wet, heavy and loose.  Choose your descriptions from ONLY from this list below.

Dry   or  Wet/Oily, Moist
Cold   or  Hot/Warm
Heavy/Oily  or Light
Sharp or Dull
Constrictive or Loose

Column 3 DOSHA

Now we are going to identify the Dosha with the Element in Column 2.  The list is below.   For example, if you identified “Hot” as an element, you would write “Pitta” in column 3.   A sample is shown below.

Dry, Light, Cold, Sharp = VATA
Hot, Sharp/Warm, Light, Constrictive = PITTA
Cold, Heavy, Wet, Oily, Loose, Dull = KAPHA

We have identified the ailment with its’ elements and Dosha qualities. Last column to complete is the Tastes
Column 4 Tastes

In column 4, you will identify the “tastes” based on the Dosha identified in column 3 (these tastes pacify/decrease the dosha).   So, next to Vata, you will write Sw, Sr St in column 4.

Vata =  Sweet  Sour  Salty  (Sw, Sr, St)
Pitta =  Sweet  Bitter  Astringent (Sw, B, A)
Kapha =  Pungent  Bitter  Astringent  (P, B, A)

Now add up the “tastes” you have recorded like in this sample and put the totals of each taste at the bottom of the column.:

The tastes have been identified, listed and added up

This gives you a good overview of the herbal “taste” you require.  The top 2 are the most important to you and your “ailment”.

Back To Column 5

This is a list of the original herbs you recorded at the beginning and added to your “Wishlist” and in Column 5.

Now armed with the information you have recorded in the other columns, you have a good idea of what works for YOUR ailment in regards to tastes, elements and actions.  Now lets do our research.

Read about your original herbs listed in Column 5 by going to your “Wishlist” and clicking on the herbs..   All of our herbs on this website have been assigned elements, Doshas, tastes.    Next to each herb, put a check for every “marker” found corresponding to your chart attributes.

Another way:   You can do a search (box is top sidebar) on the “elements”, “doshas” and “tastes” you have recorded.  In this search, if the herb in your list appears, put a marker next to it.    For example, type “hot” or “pungent” or “Pitta” into the search box and see if your herbs in column 5 are recored in the list.

The top 4 to 5 herbs (the ones with the most markers) will make a wonderful remedy for your ailment.

You have created your perfect, synergistic herbal formula.

The Formulation identified in for this sample is Cayenne, Lemon Grass, Strawberry Leaf and Calendula. The markers were added after reading the herbs attributes that matched the chart.
Obtaining your Formula.

To order your personalized herbal formulation, please complete the form below

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