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Building Our Dream Together

Building Our Dream Together

Here is a photo story of our first Purple Carrot Club gathering to build the first piles of microbiological composts.   We created three piles each with different mixtures of nitrogen (party food), greens and woody material.   These piles are testers…we will monitor the temperature, moisture and smell…and most importantly, we will look at the soil under the microscope.   Our aim is to find recipes of different types of microbiology.   

It was a truly delicious day of young and old and different nationalities.   Our skin and cultures maybe different, but, we came together to create in very much the same way as good bugs like to party together.   We had fun and zipped and zapped together to make this happen.   And, we smiled, laughed and rejoiced all feeling like this is a good thing, a very good thing!   

It was wonderful to see all the smiles…as we massaged poop and mash and forest leaves and water lettuce. 

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