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Are You Creating?

I am not going to share a photo…yet!!!!!!!!!…but I am in a creation that is part of my experience of healing.  It accumulates the past into the future and expresses my now.   It includes something Jim created and I recently dismantled.   I am reassembling into something new.  It was a project I initiated when we first entered our land to do together and I found he took it upon himself and into himself and we didn’t really share it.   The way my mind works, I wanted to create with Jim.   The way Jim worked, he saw it, was inspired by my dream, and did it himself.  I did love that about him!   And, he loves that I now recreate.    

Cooperating creation  is something I found hard to do with Jim, strangely!  I think because I felt “it” (my creation) was just plain strange and not aligned with the proper way.    The process of my creations, for me, is often messy and not understandable to anyone but, apparently,  me.  I feel “ashamed” if you see the initial and pre-done process.     So, I hide!   It feels safer.    You can’t “see” it until it is done.  And, if you witness the steps to get there, you’re misunderstanding and unrealization becomes a stumbling block for me and you.   Strange, eh?

What I can tell youi s what I am creating is  a living memory…and will bring, for me, the past, present and future into my space.   Jim and I both had interests that were in the realm of “geeky”.    But, we are both experimenters.  I am have been wanting to create something for US that stands on the land and speaks to US.   It is forming. 

And, this sharing is a challenge for you…. I am challenging for us all to do the same…to bring the crap together in a creation, in this turmoil, and, to make something that renders something better.   

Can you see that something is happening and it isn’t just a “news story” of something “over and out there”?  A burst is happening.  Is it just me or felt by others?   I like to assume others too!   We are not that far gone, are we?

It is hard lately, si? Well, hard for those who are going against the flow. Sometimes the flow just means you are following (a follower)  a power that isn’t fully in your best interest.  But, you are convinced it is in your best interest because the “set up” is actually very good..quite artistically profound.   It is a program that takes us away from what is real!  What is real?  God, Goodness, Gratiude, Graciousness!    There is the catch to following the programs!  It is fucking bull shit (sorry mom).  But, Dad passed over recently and strangely, I still feel his support in my view.  Waking up is hard..but something we need to do!

I have some hope…I am in a great place and space to see hope around me. But, we need a paradigm shift of much greater proportions. How can that happen?  What is it we need, as a collective, to remember?

I ask why? A lot!   I don’t know!   But, I do acknowledge that most people are living a simulation not of their creation.

“Disconnect” is the only word in the word I can come up with. In the political world, I guess I can say I am an anarchist. But, don’t focus on that word. It just means I think we are able and should work towards smaller governing of ourselves.  In the religious realm, I can’t label myself anymore.  I entertained and sought out some many “paths” in my life and I have come to a point that I just want to know the truth.   It is safer and easier for me to accept “I don’t know”.    And, it is more powerful.    In the medical world, I have a lot of knowledge but I realize the “truth” of health has been disguised.  We have forgotten old remedies, elixirs and oxymels for chemical dispositions.

Maybe we need to remember!      

My question is (and it is a challenge for you too), how are you creating for you. I ask this because I think it is important we step back and and muse on what it it means to be fully alive. Okay, that sounds airy. Sorry! Imagine you had no constraints. What is it you would do?

I will be honest to share I don’t know what is going on, but if we don’t get our shift (shit) together, we are walking into demise.   There is a power in ONE…that we have not really “got”.    We are locked into the “whole” and forget our purpose.

As I write this I wonder “does anyone get this or am I just a loner?”    Can’t we stop and take a look at our personal, individual and unique worlds and ask “how can I make a difference?”     You can NOT take a needle and make it okay.   It is not that way and that is totally not what we are here for.   

I am feeling for the human family.   I am feeling for this crisis.  It really isn’t that complicated.  It just means each fo us needs to step up and out and do something.  That “something” means to get into creation.   Take this shift (shit) and create.   

And, I am …. but that will be shared later photos and all.    I am feeling blessed…   opps…Jimi really disliked that word and told me to say “be mored” and not “be-lessed”.     

Creation happening because we need to create right now and remember who we are!

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