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Angels Appearing Part II (Suffering is Often a Necessary Medicine)

Angels Appearing Part II (Suffering is Often a Necessary Medicine)

Yesterday I shared about the angel  “Bev”.    Today I continue with the angels appearing dialogue…and the messages they bestow.   A heroe’s journey is a hard one to walk!   

I have lived in Ecuador almost 10 years.    My entry into this country was fueled by the sufferings of a divorcing a marriage that lasted over 20 years.   I was waking up wondering “wtf” was going on and shipping out to lands unknown.   Mid-life crisis had its’ imprint all over me and there was no looking back.   It was an ironic situation as the person who forward-thrusted my landing in Vilcabamba also was the cause of a lot of psychological harm and intense waking up from my bubble.  That suffering was necessary to get me on a path that fueled the creation of the Magical Forest.   I am grateful that suffering was a medicine and a stepping stone down the hall-way of purpose.

During to this experience, I went to see a local healer named Carlos.   My intention was to cut cords with the pain from relationship.   He didn’t think I needed that healing.   He proceeded to share with me about my daughter (whom he did not know and who was not in Ecuador, yet).   He shared that our energetic connection was such that I did “the work” for her so she could “pass through easily”.    I created the door frame (gate) so she could step through.   But he said, she wouldn’t get it, understand it or realize it but I must continue to create patiently.

Now that was 8 years ago.   My daughter did arrive shortly after this session.   She was escaping her life and looking for something new.   We had a three year separation but when she said “i am ready” I got her here and fast.  So, stepped through one doorway.   

I met with Carlos yesterday.    The purpose was to discuss Jimi’s ceremony.    Creator had other plans!

Carlos loved this Purple Carrot land and the story of the Purple Carrot.  He kept smiling at me!  “You do good” he said.     He said the Creator was happy with the place Jimi and I created.   He heard a child’s voice and went to investigate.   She was at our main upper pond.   This little girl voice was an echo of mine.  She is the protege and she remains although she is not here in body.  She can understands the gifts I hold and she will receive them in a like-minded, aware and hearted manner.  My daughter does not get it and can not accept the gifts, yet.  My job is patience.

Carlos shared we are ONE (me, G and Kaya).    There will be efforts to break and tear apart that ONE.   It is my job to hold that ONE vision in place: patience so that creation will lift from gifts bestowed on us.    He said Jimi was a part of that process  (and plan) to provide the space and foundation for that gift to be fully realized.  Jimi is the foundation for the ONE.  That was his gift!   My “what now” is to continue the work on the land.   I am not alone.  He said I have many with me watching, encouraging and teaching including Jimi.  In time, this creation will be realized.    

I am also grateful as Carlos shared that I am fully welcome on these lands.  I hold a legal ownership but that ownership is only of the world.  The angels welcome me and they are pleased.   He explained that although I am experiencing deep pain in this journey of late,  that is my necessary medicine.  Medicine is hard to take sometimes but it is given to those whose purpose is necessary.   It is not given to the weak or asleep.  It is necessary so we become who we are meant to be so that it serves a greater purpose.   

It puts a new perspective on the sufferings of late.    If this is medicine in necessary to continue to create, I take it.    It is not mine it is from the Creator.   The medicine is a gift.

I acknowledge Jim and his gifts to me.    As a couple, we rocked in the union of creation.   It was a powerhouse connection.  I am missing having him around…even the suffering, ill Jim.   I am missing his ways and being and creative insights to the mechanics of our creation.   I was more the creator of the flowing.     So, today I go to the gardens…like I did when Jim was building the house.  Today I continue the flowing work with my hands.  I give to this land all the pain and suffering experienced.  It isn’t an easy journey and the right brain wants to make sense of it all.  That is Jimi’s job.    My heart is open to take this hard medicine and to continue to flow-create.   The suffering is becoming compost.  I take and give it to the land and the greater purpose beckoning us.   I “take straw and spin it into gold” (as a friend just shared with me)   

Jimi is approving!   I know he is smiling upon me as I work through this.    I hear his clapping hands!   I hear him say “your welcome, my dear…I love you, I see you and I am grateful you continue to the work.”

Love you Jimi

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