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Agnihotra – The Living Fire!

The Nature Spirits (especially those of the fire element) have been trying to grab my attention for many years flashing the ceremony of Agnihotra at me hoping I would realize their clues.   Due to my ignorance, I obviously did not hear and misunderstood the concept, the calling and creative forces that were knocking at my Spirit.  The informative messages just kept pouring in so eventually, there was no mistake that I was to do this daily ritual.   Here is story of Agnihotra a story that will become a part of more detail e-book in formation.

Many years ago as I was molding my techniques and personality as a Natural Health teacher.  Part of the formation was I studied Ayurveda.   “Vedas” literally means “knowledge”. It is the ancient most body of knowledge known to human beings and the Vedas contains many sciences. Among them are the Vedic sciences of bio-energy, climate engineering, agriculture, biorhythms, pyramidology, surgery, medicine, etc (Ayurveda is the oldest science of medicine which exists).   Studying this “philo sopia” of Ayrurveda one is drawn into the Vedic world of understanding from a personal witness.  You can not study Ayurveda without it affecting your spiritual journey.    Agnihotra, as I now understand, was presented to me in various text and studies over and over.   At the time, I assumed it was just some sort of Incense Ceremony.  It did not transmute.    My fascination with Dr Emoto’s Hado work also brought me the book Fire and Water.  I even went to a Hado Workshop where copper pots burned incense through out the room.   I did not fully realize this book is a compilation of beautiful water crystal pictures showing the effect of Agnihotra ash in polluted waters of the world.

Last year, Walter and Susan, my community partners, spoke to me of a ceremony some biodynamic friends were doing.   They mentioned it was awakening the Nature Spirits of their farm and miracles were happening.  I listened with a wonder and accepted a request to start doing this “thing” here at Finca Sagrada/Magical Forest….whatever this “thing” was.   Walter said he would give me the tools which included a copper pyramid.   At the same time, I was also blessed to be in a sacred learning mode with a very gentle and wise lady who asked if I would be a keeper of a special, ancient ceremony.   I agreed and a gift was placed in the mail.   On one day in late December 2012, I received two copper pyramids from two different sources.  Boink!    Now, I was at full attention and began the daily practice of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra is an ancient Homa fire technique, based on the bio-rhythm of sunrise and sunset as found in the teachings of the ancient sciences of the Vedas.   The theme in regard to the purification of the atmosphere is described as:  Heal the Atmosphere, and the Atmosphere Will Heal You.

During Agnihotra, special ingredients come together to act in accord with the energetic magic of the exact moment of sunset and sunrise.   Fire, an inverted copper pyramid, dried female cow dung cakes, rice and a special mantra (sound) blend to become a very powerful force.  The healing energy (smoke) that emanates from the fire is directed into the atmosphere and are contained in the resulting ash.   The ash is used as a highly energized medicine and life force for humans and plants alike.

What fascinates me is the measurable science that is now being formed that tells a story of the amazing and sometimes startling effects of Agnihotra (clearing farms of toxic radiation and curing an HIV infection). Scientific studies came to the result that pathogenic germs were reduced to more than 90% in the proximate vicinity of an Agnihotra fire.   I will share more on this, however, as I study grow and learn, I realize and understand the effect of this ceremony on the physical atmosphere in amazing.  thus far, my own personal experience has been repairing poison damage with my dogs.    I am testing and trying it on deeper.   I am also present to an invisible subtle effect that has a strong purification influence on our mood and emotions.  

The beauty of this ancient ceremony is it is rather simple and the teachers are encouraging anyone and everyone to perform it.

With female, fresh dung collected on our land, I make cakes smoothed and scoured with my own hands.   I was hesitant at first to work with the warm, sloppy dung.  Now, my hands do most of the forming like a child creating mud pies.   It is really an honor to be doing such a task.

The dried dung cakes are coated with ghee and place in the copper pyramid.   It is like building a little cave.    The pyramid is position so that a small dot on the lip faces eat.     A small fire is started in the center.  No lighters to be used…only matches and natural fire.   I light one dung cake and gently place it into the cave hole and watch it spread in smoke and flame.   The fire and smoke dance and spirals often resembling dancing beauties.   I often feel it is communicating to me and watch the fire and smoke with fascination.    Perhaps I will learn how to read the flames and smoke on day as a tarot reads cards?    At the exact moments of Sunrise/sunset, raw grains of rice (not white rice) are dropped into the fire at two markers in a very special and ancient chant giving thanks to the creator.    I sit and watch the fire till it extinguishes leaving the sacred ashes.   This ceremony is called Agnihotra Homa.

There are other types of Homa ceremonies repeating mantras and adding drops of clarified butter or rice to the fire after the mantras.    There are ceremonies on full moon and new moon days, for healing and opening a meeting or gathering.  There are different chants sung to the fire for different purposes. According to Ayurveda by this method we are injecting nutrition in to the atmosphere. This affects us, the plant, soil and subsoil, water, air, mist, rain and etherical atmospheres.

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, scientists in some European countries curiously wondered how this Agnihotra effect was cleansing a farm in the disaster area.   Ms.Karin  had a farm near Graz in Austria. Immediately after the accident the Austrian Government issued instructions that every farmer had to carry milk and fodder for testing for radioactivity. When she did this, the inspectors were shocked, because they found only normal radioactivity levels in the milk and fodder samples. The inspectors said it was not possible to have normal radioactivity after Chernobyl. They asked: “Is there anything special that you are doing on your farm?”Ms.Karin told them that her farm was using ancient Ayurveda technology to grow food which is now presented as HOMA Organic Farming technology:  She replied..“We do a small fire in a small copper pyramid exactly at the moments of sunrise/sunset. Materials burnt are dried cow dung cake pieces, a little clarified butter from cow milk and a few grains of raw rice. This is called Agnihotra Homa.    Also we do another Homa, repeating one mantra and adding a drop of clarified butter to the fire after the mantra for four hours daily. On full moon and new moon days we take turns to maintain the second HOMA for twenty-four hours.”

Shree Vasant Paranjpe (teacher of Agnihotra) told the scientists that if they look at Agnihotra merely from the point of view of chemistry, they might not be able to make much progress. However, if they look at Agnihotra from the point of view of Quantum Physics, they would find a gold mine of knowledge in this ancient Vedic science of healing the atmosphere..Shree Vasant told the scientists “If you test Agnihotra with an oscilloscope, you will notice a special sound coming from fire. It is sound that heals. Other things are there but key is the sound.  Fire produces sound but it also reacts to sound. There is a sound at the exact moment of sunset and sunrise.   The act of singing special vibrations while the Agnihotra copper pyramid at these exact moments the fire burn creates a resonance effect which invigorates the cells of the air and plants. Resonance plays a vital part in natural phenomena.” It is RESONANCE which heals. This is how plant plagues and epidemics go away. It is RESONANCE which heals the plants, soil, water and air.   Chernobyl was very dangerous, but today it is even more dangerous. Before, the radioactive elements were in the air – now they are in the soil. Now we have Fukashima….and yes, we have enough radioactive elements bombarding us daily in our world of technology.  Of course the TVs, newspapers and radios don’t speak about the real situation, but the scientists and experts know that it is very dangerous. Every day becomes more and more difficult.  

What fascinates my mind is all religions teach that “sound” is the creative element of, well, creation.   Christianity teaches in the beginning was the word.  Buddhism shares the first sound of Aum and all religions (including modern science) are discovering the power of sound.  As I relate this to Agnihotra and the possibility that “sound” is at the core of it nourishing purification.   The copper pyramid, the dung from the sacred cow (the keeper animal of the earth), the rice, the chant and the precise and exact moment of sunrise and sunset produce a vibratory resonance of healing magical sound.    We probably are not able to measure it, yet.  But, when you participate in the ceremony, you can feel it.

This philosophy  and science of sound intrigues me.   I imagine at the time of creation we were given an etherical manual for a healthy, happy and prosperous life to mankind.  In the Vedas, the first word in this revelation was Agni which is loosely translated as fire.  

Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods said to be an early incarnation of Shiva or Brahma.  He is the god of fire and lovers.  He is the sexual energy of fire.  He is the messenger of the gods.  He is the vital spark of life at everyone’s hearth in our mind, body and Spirit.  All living things have his energy as he is the fire (chemicals) which consumes food in our stomachs, as well as the fire which warms us and gives us sight (eyes and light).    He is the fire of the sun, in the lightening bolt, and in the smoke column. The stars are sparkle with his flame and he is fire of our energy to get us through the day. He was so important to the ancients, there were over 200 vedic hymns sung to him.

I understand the Agni energy of the western culture is out of control.  We move too fast, think too much and many are burning out. Agni is a force that needs to be honed, soothed and understood.

This seems to me an indication about the supreme nature of the element of fire.  In our world today, we have almost 100 % succeeded in polluting and destroying all the other elements (water, earth and air). Almost all water resources are polluted, the air we breathe is filthy and the soil and our life stock grown in the soil are heavily contaminated with chemicals and industrial emissions carried down to earth through rain.  I believe it is an emergency.   And that is determined because people are not really understanding the consequences for our actions.    I also see a special ally in fire as the one element that is withstanding human’s destruction.

With fire as our friend, we can act now and apply that manual of instructions received along with creation to restore the harmony of nature, to reset the energy cycle of the planet.  

Research work may be important on one hand, but simultaneously we have to implement this super technology into the life of all the people of the world to counterattack pollution and heal our planet.   I see Vedic knowledge as timeless and as truth never dies, Vedic science never dies.  Homa Fire, Agnihotra, and powerful tools to secure our survival on this Planet. It is in our hands as we participate to bring positive changes and align with nature.

Testimonials of how Homa Therapy work are plenty available today and I am compiling more and more information. I suppose the Scientific explanation is left for the scientific community, but common people all over the world have to get to know about Homa now. We have to provide all the help we can. We need a mass attempt for planetary purification based on Homa Fires. 

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