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A Twist of the Prodigal One

A Twist of the Prodigal One

A little twist on the Prodigal Son Story…maybe he didn’t leave..maybe it was the good brother who did????

When two brothers/sisters live together in a family and the one is negative and brutal, and the other one loving and compassionate, this situation may last for some time. The loving brother/sister may succumb to the bad deeds of his evil brother/sister and try to develop an understanding and tolerance for his behaviour.

However, in the long run the loving brother/sister will lose his/her spiritual propensity to evolve, because he/she will be occupied all the time in neutralizing the negative reactions of his brother/sister.

The only solution in such a situation is to separate the two.   That is a difficult path as it causes a sense of abandonment and rejection.

The dark one will have to live alone and will be confronted with his/her personal negativity, which he/she did not realize as long as he could transfer it to his loving other, who endured it with patience and sadness. During this time he/she has sincerely believed that this is how the world has always been arranged – of harmful doers and sheepish victims and that the harsh ones have all the rights to behave according to their heinous and miserable nature.

Staying alone with his/her own evil nature, the hard brother/sister will slowly begin to perceive that in order to avoid the destructive results of his/her negativity he/she will have to begin to behave like his other, whom he/she will be for the first time dearly missing.

The loving brother/sister will go to a new home at first broken-hearted.   There he/she will meet other loving brothers and sisters that have also fled from their difficult others. They will remember together what it was like to live among such dark entities and will enjoy, from the bottom of their hearts, the community of other loving entities. They will never look back in anger……they will transform the situation as a beautiful lesson.

…..Political correctness is the dictatorship of young, spiritually underdeveloped souls over the excellence of old, highly evolved souls….. every incarnated soul on earth has only one duty – to express his/her unlimited spiritual potential to the best of her/his divine powers against all social resistance, prejudices, and suppression that s/he may encounter throughout her/his incarnation, but without challenging or limiting the prospects of evolution of other entities even when this evolution may take for a long period of time onthe road of perdition, leading to a greater separation from All-That-Is…

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