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A little RANT

A little RANT

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OKAY….. a rant…..

We have to do something… the world is run by criminals and we are arguing with our neighbours. We are being bombarded with shitty situations all over the world and most of them are aimed at annihilating us. .So many are waiting for something “out there” to save us! We are watching for the hidden war to be won. We have forgotten how much power we hold as ONE.

I think we have all been played and it is disgusting.

As I watch and wait for things to change (and seeking things that offer hope), I have been asking myself over and over “what is the solution?” Even if the criminal rogues are taken down, are we ensured more won’t take their seats? All around me I see way too many people who have no clue to what is happening and if you do have a deeper understanding, we are breathing silent breaths waiting, hoping, anxious…and still unsure! Recently, as I scope the posts of social media, I have become frustrated with the lethargy…the lack of deeper understanding of what is actual going on. Many continue to follow the narrative or if they get there is a narrative, continue to listen to it….and do nothing about it.

There is really only two sides to this battle… It is the people against the power. And, yes, it is good vs evil. In this light, shouldn’t we take up that “good” and act like it? Is that the Spiritual Battle? Think about this! The current display of global situations is all by design. AND, that power exists because we make it real … we comply. We don’t call the bull shit. One example is the main stream media (MSM)…they are NOT giving us the truth news…but people still tune in every night. WTF? Oh, you want to know what is going on so you can make your own determinations!? Insufferable! UGH! YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED and your opinions are NOT your own.

If we back away, we take away their power!!!!!! The same power is a gift with our money! The same power exists in our choices and our intentions. The same power is granted when we say “no”…when we stop vaccinating our children and withdraw our children from the system that is abusive. The same power exists when we stop fighting with our neighbours that amounts to only bitch sessions that do not effect a change.

Personally, I have found myself going to “I don’t know what is going on?” Well, folks, I admit, that is how they got me! That is exactly what they intended. They have worked so hard to get me (us all) this point. What if I took a stand and said “I do know what is going on?” Would the trolls come after me? Would I be attacked and ridiculed? What if we all did it…together? Now, now, now….there is power in that thought/statement?

It is time to get serious!


– Understand what is happening – it comes down to our freedom…..every ones freedom – we all in it.
– stop fighting with your neighbour
– Pay attention!
– Put down the “stuff” and pay attention to a bigger picture
– Get we are ALL being enslaved!
– Stand Up ~ Take a stand
– Change your world
– Stop being a pacifist
– Think for yourself…and get to the root problem
– Don’t give it the energy by watching and saying nothing….you are complying
– Understand how you have been manipulated – all of us…and cut that chord.
– Understand the power of the spoken word!
– Take up your power as a Spiritual warrior
– Say NO MORE and mean it…do something.
– no matter your beliefs, views or opinions on politics, religion we are all in this together.


The hardest one for most of us…. stop believing that something OUT THERE in this world can save us. I say this over and over and over….the only way this is going to be healed is when we heal.

There is a lot to be optimistic about….a lot. And, when you plug into these “positives” and wake up…. what then? If you go to “it is all useless” you are a problem! Do you GET YOU HAVE POWER?

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