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I am in a moment of time where I feel I must have done something right…or the sufferings of the past are the lessons that drew out of me little good steps. It must have been for good purpose. This rises as I am present the little ways. There is tremendous wisdom is seeing the whole adventure that comprise of little steps. You take a farm girl out of her garden and pluck her into the world of culture and it is way too over whelming. I need to stay true to the little ways that I know. That is, truly, when the hero is called forth. If you go to the collective, you can get swept up by the forces of history. Life builds tension. Tension is good, but sometimes way too much and sets us off course.. Moment by moment, you do the best you can. And, that is the battle. You might not do great things. You might be just sorta be “there”. But, you give it yourself as best as you can. Even the smallest of us can change the course of history. That is inspiration! It is how you decide to do what YOU can do in the world…and it might be small…but nevertheless, history works in little ways…and these ways change the world. Don’t be a dick. You need not be! You can make your sphere better. This is a wyrd Spiritual wisdom….it is encouraging. It is greening a desert and it all depends upon your context.

I am learning so much from the Hobbits!

Oh, and humans can not die…we can not die!   Therefore, we can our best always!

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