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My journey of life 

Everything around me has been screaming “trust!” but the burdens I carry tells me otherwise…what if?”  As a human seeking, I carry feelings of guilt and confusion.  I ask how could I be so selfish when others don’t have this choice? I am privileged to have what I have and doing what I am doing…still, the contractions have already started, this baby will be born, even if I’m fully scared and contradict myself every hour.  There’s no way back or down to the old and well-known life of convenience.   Sure, I am both scared and excited, I have chosen a path with many undefined borders and depths. I have no plan and carry a lot of burden with me that I will have to deal with or choose to let go.   I am choosing the later, but that takes work.

As a friend half-funnily said to me a couple of days ago: I have outgrown the pot, not that one you are thinking but the other: the pot/container where I had been planted, partially with my consent.   All my body is screaming for a transplanting: I need to have my roots naked and wandering around until they find the ground and ecosystem they need for continuing growing, giving, being.   My hands are itching to begin…. Magical Forest Two!

Little did I know then….now the Purple Carrot Club

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