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A Beginning To An End!

Not done….the planters will be given the purple jew plant tomorrow. It has special meaning as it was the only plant Jimi had when I moved in with him. It is pretty tolerant of no-care. And, it is fitting being purple.

Before we started to build our house, Jim and I created this smoker in the casitta. I had a secret intention to see if we could do something creative together. It seemed I learned through and through Jim was a lone wolf in work. But, we enjoyed it a few times including a smoked turkey. Then we created the house and land and life got busy. Then shit happened.

I dismantled the smoker from the casitta and removed the parts Jim invented. It is now time for me to add my creation! For the past couple of days I have been bricking, concreting and creating. 

My hands are raw. It is a tree-house-smoker! Fitting! When Jim met me I slept in a tree house. I mixed his ashes with this creation and tested it today with Palo Santos. It works! It looks good! It feels goo

d! Now to celebrate with a beer! Cheers!

It is my little thing to remember him always. Some people have gravestones. Jimi has a smoker with purple plants! I am sure it will be used a lot and many yummy foods will be created and preserved.

I will share photos when the purple plant is added! It feels like a beginning to an end….I needed this!

Below I also added some photos of Jim shared with me yesterday from a young friend.   These photos were taken when we went to Canada in 2017 together.



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