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Fake Humans

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We are all born helpless and learn how survive the drama’s around us. Some of us learn survival is selfish. Perhaps the some is most. As the craziness of the world’s affairs increases, so does the craziness of the human condition. And, my theme of late is to back off, withdraw and let it dismantle itself as it surely will.

The time is ripe for the emptying and cleaning up so the adventure of living is not lost and left behind. We can not change the “what is”. The time is ripe for withdrawal and leaving behind all that is fake including people, culture and comfortable ways.

The central theme in the bumps of these challenging times is “let it be” and carry on. We need to back off! We need to recreate without the shenanigans of loud selfish people. We need to hand off that crap behind us and allow it to ferment on its’ own accord.

The increasing understanding of the “withdrawal” muse had me wondering if this was some personal neurosis…something about me that is perhaps a wee misguided or forsaken. But, every morning the sounds of new day song chiming between night and day, I hear it again….withdrawal seems to be the only logical, loving and wise choice.

I am highly intuitive and I have a way that appears, at times, to be cut, dry and to the point. I’ve never been good at hiding my feelings or keeping them to myself. This is because I can not and will not be phoney and have empathic points all over my body. I wear my emotions and feelings on my sleeve and I have a talent to “get” people more than they would like me too. Seriously, in the past, I have looked away as the sight of one’s darkness is revealed and I’ve been afraid they will see me seer-ing. I stumble to hide my gut instincts. What I have gathered is that most of us learn a way to be “phoney” and “pretend” (even the empath) that is not really healthy nor will it amount to any wise change and growth.

I contemplate the human condition(s) and watch how people act, react and respond to life and more and more I see slippery selfishness gone wild.

So, I am fed up with seeing this. I won’t be mean, but I won’t also put up a fake front either as I know it is the flip side of the phoney coin. I realize that way too many people can put up a fake front and we learn to be good at it. And, unfortunately the phoney’s are increasing.

Luckily I have “real” people in my life. However, there is a growing number of selfish humans that have a misfired “code” often using new age “spiritual” willy-nilly to rationalize their actions and doings. “I feel good” so this must be right; I will be generous in spirit only if you acknowledge me; I will show the world my good actions so that you see me as love but behind your back I will curse you. It wreaks pretentious muck and slams a noise of utter selfishness.

Human drama is confusing, to say the least. I know, full out, I have high standards in the art of human connections. The high standard can seems as a weakness, in many ways but it is not. For years I trusted most people and I assumed we all had this code of human kindness. The wake up for me is that is not true. It is truer that most people are selfish and really only care about themselves. It is truer that empathy and the empath are withdrawing from the crazy human ways and that is a good thing.

Am I being too pessimistic about humans? I don’t think so. The cultural manipulations and mind-programs have actually been designed towards this result.

Over the years as I came to realize this phoney noise. There have been times when I found myself in puddles of sadness and grief not really knowing why. I just witnessed too many encounters when I asked “how could humans be that way?” Sure, I get it, this is the victim in me crying foul. But, I am gaining my own wisdom in this playground and getting wiser to phoney’s and the victim is slowing fading away.

Walking away is the only solution to this human dilemma. All other ways just feed into the drama of destruction and continuation. Give this air space attention and it feeds into louder noise.

The ones who lack in the core values of human decency come in many shapes, sizes and with many hats. We all, to a certain degree, have selfish voices of inner noise. But, the ones who are destroying things in a devastating way have two things in common; they really just don’t care and they are really all about themselves.

Unfortunately, we are all become intimate with these types at some point and the after taste is difficult to swallow. As life travels deeper in time for me, I contemplate the fact that friendship with nature is far easier and happier than dealing with human beings. That thought rises as I discover most human beings don’t care…or if they do it is masked with “what is it in for me?” You can recognize a phoney in that if they have done a kind act, they expect and ask for acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is a good thing, in and of itself, but when the driving force of is the acknowledgement, it is not human kind.

I call these non-caring beings Phoney Human Beings (PHBs) and they are increasing in numbers to the extent that we can’t escape their ways and disastrous off shoots. What is the difference between someone who appears to have a selfish confidence and a narcissist? Not much, in my opinion. In the narcissist court we see the varying types ranging from arrogant, self-centred, opinionated, ruthless, hard, cold, callous, righteous, sociopath and the top of the cake, psychopath.

Friends don’t screw you! They back you up. I also play the game friends will sacrifice for each other. They’ll be there in times of need and extend themselves for the sake of the moral code of friendship. We learn in time that many friendships are false and this wake-up can be difficult.

The empath will often make excuses and gather reasons for the PHB’s selfish behaviour. That is the empath’s weakness. And, empaths are tested in this regard We all have moments when you become aware that those you trusted can not actually be.

Some serious PHBs will lie, steal and manipulate for their own shell fish needs and some even for fun. Some will just operate out of selfishness. That is how PHBs work. It is like ego nourishment so that they “feel” okay.

Being outed doesn’t matter to PHBs. They simply don’t care and will pretend they are “above” and feel very justified in themselves and their choices. Somehow they completely and unabashedly believe their own lies and continue in the same manner.

I do hold a compassion for PHBs. This is because I am an empath. They won’t change and, as much I as have in past tried, it is futile to attempt a change. The only way to truly remove the PHBs is to walk away.

If you haven’t already figured it out, PHBs are the new human thing that has been morph-rising and increasing in intensity with the top of the PHB pile being the psychopath.

From a scientific observation, they are border line personalities. Their brains actually work differently. Scientists are not sure if this is something they were born with or if it is the cause of a trauma at a young age. The waves of light that should transfer between the right and left hemispheres opening up our empathic potentials are dull or totally nonexistent. The right and left are not communicating. It is a mind game error. And, they learn how to “act” the game for their own benefit and survival and selfish fun. They learn how to act as “good” and “victim” so that their game is beneficial for their own purposes. It comes at different and varying degrees of dis-ease. The acute stage are those who are just self-ish and all about themselves. The chronic and degenerative stage is the psychopath.

I have read that full blow PHBs now amount to over 10% of the world’s population and will dehumanize and affect at least 50 people in their life-time. The world’s population now sits at a crazy 7.6 billion. Ten percent of that number is 76 million. Seventy Six million times 50 is 3,800,000,000 people affect by NIBOs. Holy Freaking Shit! We are not alone!

So, what can we do? Well, honestly, unless the “whole” is willing to notice and see it, there is nothing other than to be just aware. One good way to to remove yourself completely and stay away. When you discover a PHB in your intimate circle it is diffifcult…but quietly, unobtrusively and completely walk away.

If you don’t, at some point you will walk away wondering what the hell was all that about. When we become intimate with PHBs and enter that mind-fuck arena, you will at some point require personal re-wiring and healing. That basically means telling yourself over and over and over “you are okay” until, once again, you believe it. If you put up a fight, you will lose. You have to walk away and literally have nothing to do with them. You can’t help them. You have to lay down any desire for justice and fairness. You have to give up. Nothing you say or do is going to change the PHB. The best you can hope for is your dignity is in tact. Once again, the only true medicine to cure the world of PHBs is if everyone got it…and everyone said “no”.

Unfortunately, PHBs are truly another type of human thing that is increasing in population numbers. In fact, I suggest that in today’s corporate and political world, PHBs are the only ones that can achieve and surmount the successes of the cut-throat and don’t-give-a-shit hierarchies. An empath can’t step up that ladder…their values prevent it. This means that those who have any sense of care and consideration are not in positions of worldly power. Now, can you see the problem?

Is there hope? Is there something we can do? My thoughts on this at this particular time in mystory is we need to withdraw. It is in the leaving and exiting of the compassionate and empathic being from that PHB world that will cause a rediscovery of who we are and where we need to go. We can not fix it anymore. We can’t repair it. We can’t fight it. We just have to walk away cleanly, clearly and with grace.

There is hope in the withdrawal because eventually, they will destroy themselves. That is a calming karmic consolation.

I wish there was a magic serum for a PHB to drink that would rewire their brains for empathy. That would be wonderful. Maybe it is only karma that will deal with this!

Also, I am learning that when you find yourself in a state of complaining, it is best to walk away so the negative charge is annihilated and the mind micro chip disabled.

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