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Seeds of the Purple Carrot Club – how it started

The Story and Stories of the Purple Carrot Club


Leisha & Jimi


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Who Are We
How Purple Carrot Club was Seeded

Jimi and I had a dream.  Together we were perfect players to create this dream.   The dream is still alive.  We were (I now am) creating a space and place where we live very close to nature and very naturally.   Our land creation is our gift to the world as we strive to grow living foods, medicines and living off grid.   The land is a space of empowerment, a teaching site, a place where projects will effect a positive change in the messed-up world.  

Us Human’s need to remember who we are.   We need to take back our power and our freedom.  That challenge isn’t an easy one.   I, Leisha, continue with the dream and this challenge.   This blog is a collection of stories that will share this process.  It will be honest, truthful, educational, informative, speak about the challenges, give the details of the physical and emotional transitions.  This collection of stories is to help others…give hints, advice and just plain share the good, bad and ugly of a journey of freedom.

I invite you to Join Our Club!   You will receive updates about once a month and be informed of the projects that arise.   There were some very interesting opportunities that began to surface as Jimi was battling his cancer.  Coincidence?  No!   

Before Jimi left, he built me an apothecary and a beautiful house.   I initiated 1 hectare of gardens, magical and special gardens.  We fired up a distilling operation for medicines.   We created spaces for goats, turkeys, chickens and more.   We established water ways and ponds stocked with Tilapia.   We dreamt about sovereignty and holding gently our own freedom.   We were a great team for this dream.   

I am left to continue!   This blog is about that journey detailing the dream.  I will share the hardships, the blessings.  I will share the projects with a how too intention.   I will record this journey.    


There is one little girl whom we both adored…our grandchild, Kaya.   I write for her so she knows.   Before Jimi became very ill, Kaya was removed from our space.    Both Jimi and I felt passionately about giving Kaya a chance in her future.   Her name is on title of the land..and it is hers.  All I do here is for her!   She may not understand this in her younger years but I hope this collection of sharing gives her insight to the LOVE we both deeply hold for her.  Jimi would want her to know!  Me too!




Leisha & Jimi

Jimi (James Royer)passed away January 26, 2021.  He gifted us with the Purple Carrot Club and all that it encompasses. This story as told by me, Leisha, is about the morphing of the Club its’ past, present and future.   

Recording the steps of the dream

The Purple Carrot Clubn


Jimi’s illness was un-known for a long time but we both knew something was up.  It showed it’s ugly head a few times along our journey but we kept it at bay…not really knowing “it” was slivering its’ evil tentacles deeper and deeper.   On that pathway, we share a very intimate experience of ups and downs, ins and outs and swirling around occasions.

I share these stories as a means to express our human-ness and beat the evil that is around us and sometimes in us.


This is our story from January 26 onward.  This is the day Jimi was taken from our space.  I will share about the past with a worthy intention of being honest, caring and compassionate, but it isn’t always going to be pretty.  This blog isn’t pretending to be love and light.  It is the truth at least as I see it and experienced it.  It will just be as I experienced it.   The intention is to plant seeds, connect at the core levels of our experiences and not pretend our experience was easy.  it is to share possibilities, where we failed and succeed and how everything happening to each one of us is intimately threaded.

Jimi was much loved by man.  He was admired and honored.  He was also respected.   And, he was known as grumpy Jimi.  He could be harsh, difficult and stubborn.   He said he was just brutally honest and maybe so.  He was a “man’s man” though and didn’t quite the softer sides of our beings. 

Jimi taught me a lot and he continues to do so.  This is a snap-shot of our times together and our time now apart.    I hear him saying “you go girl”..shine on!  


Recent Stories

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