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Where Are You? Jim?

Where Are You? Jim?


Can we speak to the other side?  Can the other side speak to us?  These are existential questions.   Do you know more than I know?   What is the difference between your state and space and mine?  Where are you Jimi?   Where do you think he is?   Me?   Well, read on…

Many think they know the answer and truth inside their experience.   I do feel that is cool and creates a meaningful purpose.  We wrap the ether of synchronicity with coincidence and neatly create an experience of truth.  We hold on to faith as a life line.  But, an anyone really know?    It is a brain buster as the material evidence of our thoughts become a factor in this experience we here call life.  But, when you are a seeker you know that we are living in a globe of lies swirling with the gravity of cloaked truths and deception is clouding everything.  So, you question!   One thing I do know..and one thing that I know Jimi loved about me, I will not wear a “sect”.

For me, I don’t know.    And, in some ways, that leaves the doors open to inspirations and motivations.   The “I don’t know” also allows me to let others “be” exactly as they are.   I have no need to convert or belong.   Yes, I have experienced with my own two eyes and yet, I still seek and search towards the questions “who are we?” and “what are we?”   That doesn’t mean I am not a believer.  It simply means in active phase of understanding.   I think this is a great space/place to be!

I remember a  a conversation I had with Jim about his late wife.   As I am, I always was probing deeper queries.  It often gets me into trouble.  The conversation lead to where was she now..if anywhere.  I was wondering what he thought and felt.   He said “maybe the light is another deception and could be the virus that harvests us back into the program?”   Lucifer is known as the  “light-bearer” so he had some rational thinking going on.     One part of me felt deeply for Jim when he shared that.  The other part considered he might be right.  We do not know…but, I get it, we hold on to a conception of the inspection of things unknown.   

Now Jim is “over there”  and I muse.   I feel he talks to me.   Can I give you absolute proof he is communicating?  No!  Do I know where he is?  No!   Do I think he is in a better place?   Not sure..different…but aren’t we supposed to see heaven on earth?    But I also can not imagine the space over there as I am here and whether we admit it or not, we have amnesia.   That doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings about the other side..and beautiful ones.  I just can’t construct it with my mind just like we can not make sense of 1+1=3.   If any of us try it becomes a literal “perhaps”.   

One thing for sure, all faiths talk about us being a soul tribe.   I don’t think we could actually come here and have this experience if we weren’t connected.    Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar Series talks how human beings are incredible potent and we are being “watched and observed”.     Jesus says so too.   We have the potential to do great works.   Madame Blavatsky, the grandmother of the new age also echoes this statement too.   The Catholics and the Hindus created Saints to share these stories.   There are threads that weave and bind.    And, I am not tossing out anything and I embrace everything.  I know there are many lies.  I know that truth never changes.    I just can’t tell you, for sure, what that is.  

Imagination is powerful and perhaps that has purpose beyond our rational minds.    I imagine things.   I feel good about them.  It creates an easier space.   But, to explain this to another is not always a clear path and might lead us somewhat astray from the teachings of any great soul.   The deception lies in our need to “belong”.   There is lotsa evidence (ie collective debates) to show this is a path of unknown for most of us.  Sometimes we humans wrap ourselves in collective groups that contain much truth and little lie.   I will say that again in a different way; there is a truth and there are lies.   The lie might only be a small portion but it sways and deceives as it wraps around truth.  Okay, another way to say this, I know there is a truth…but I know there is so much bull shit we have to be discerning.   

Do you get this?

I do and I don’t.   One thing I do know is I make it up.  I can ramble and roll in my faith sharings but ultimately, we make it up.  Making it up is imagination.  Imagination is not science.   And, somewhere in there is a reality that goes beyond the words I share on this page.   I just don’t know.    And, that is both a freedom and prison wrapped up in a cage of eternity.

My dad had an interesting Spiritual upbringing and awakening and I admired his faith.   Dad never needed to change another.   From what I gather and remember, his upbringing was slightly agnostic with a Cayce flare.   My grandmother was influenced (or manipulated, take your choice) in the channeling view of the other side.  Dad converted (catechism) initially because he loved my Mom and because he found some comfort in the views presented.  My mom’s faith has always been like a “childs” and I have come to realize it is beautiful too.  She decided Jesus was her best friend at age of 10 as that was the age she lost her father to the ravages of the world wars.  My father was a deeply good man.   He was private and silent much of the time.  He once took me on a solo dad-daughter evening and told me his view of purgatory.     It is not a place where God decides but where the essence of “you” decides.  We are not so much judged as we are not ladenned with our material mind and matter.   Without the body and the constraints and the mindful ways, you decide.

I think he was right!    I “think” is the point here.    Jim gets to decide.

What I think!   I think Jim is in a place that offers his freedom.    I also think he is still questioning the narrative of that side.   I think that is a good thing.   Remember, Lucifer is the light-bearer.   So, what if the tunnel of light is a trap?  I don’t know.   But, I think Jim is testing it.

I feel Jim is still here.   It is not Jim in the body or the mind.  But, Jim manifested his body and mind so that still exists in many ways.   I feel blips of knowing he is near.    I feel he is part of my soul tribe and is still able to help and assist.   I feel he holds another key to his 1+1=3.   I do not feel he has to be a certain way or have a faith like most of do here.   He is liberated from that.   He is in the ethereal levels of existence.    I also feel the waves of disbelief.   I also feel deep sadness.   I can hold this, right?    I can hold it for me and others.   I am slightly angry.  Where is he?  He is not here!    What the bleep happened?    

Darkness and Light.   If Lucifer is the light bearer, then we are left to figure out the shadow.

Dr. Carl Jung: “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Jung, in his own words, expresses Jesus’ teaching of “first remove the beam in your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck in your brother’s eye.”

Perhaps our aim no matter what our “faith” to be and do good.   Let’s take a step closer…maybe our aim is to understand we are already good. When we do, we are able to acknowledge this to ourselves.   It might be just like a game.   It is a construct of whether we become what we are or see ourselves at fault and aim to become.     The thing is, when do we actually start to see the “game” as the great deceiver?   Again, we can not know!   Anyone who has witnessed the birth of a baby will understand this…..we are ‘good”. 

 Loving a person even though it hurts or is difficult is another exercise.  Eventually, you understand selflessness that overrides the program of selfishness and through the activate shadow the gift is released.

Our world is led and governed by the rich and elite, the celebrities and power-brokers. We are all affected.  Be careful to whom you pledge your loyalties. Even the faithful play the game of respect to the world of deceit.   Death is the great divorcer, but also the great leveler and the great exposer.   I’ll continue to work it out and maybe I don’t fit you idea of channeling the correct faith…but, I do know “the first shall be last”…meaning, if you know, you are first.   Did Jim know?  Nope!  Does he now?  I really don’t know..I like to think he does.  That gives comfort right?   It is a journey!

Disclaimer:  I don’t know!  I am trying to figure it out.  It is my journey!    I know I am a child of God.
Leisha Naja

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